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  1. As a Non-Resident Indian, I was facing issues related to my intellectual property rights in India for quite some time. I had tried reaching out to multiple law firms but no one seemed to understand the complexities of NRI laws and regulations until I came across NRI Legal Services.

    I reached out to them and they provided me with a quick consultation over phone which was very informative and helped me clear all my doubts regarding the process of securing IP rights in India as an NRI. They guided me through every step involved in filing my application under Section 6(1) of The Patents Act, 1970.

    NRI Legal Services’ team further assisted me throughout the entire process by gathering all required documents from different government departments such as passport office, ministry etc., scrutinizing these documents for compliance with relevant sections of various Acts and submitting applications along with complete set of objections so that there are no delays or rejections during application stage.

    Moreover, their lawyers regularly updated me on the status of my application until it finally got approved by Indian Patent Office under specific provisions like section 7Aof The Patents Act 1970, which is especially applicable for NRIs who do not reside within India.

    Overall, working with NRI Legal Services has been extremely smooth due to their expertise in handling cases related to Intellectual Property Law practice area involving NRIs. They have been professional at every step while also being patient enough to explain everything clearly whenever required.

    If you are facing any legal issues related to your intellectual property rights as an NRI residing outside India then I would highly recommend you reach out to them today without hesitation!

  2. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the outstanding services provided by NRI Legal Services, a law firm based in Chandigarh. As an NRI client seeking advice in Intellectual Property Law practice area, I was impressed with the professional and efficient manner in which my case was handled.

    The team at NRI Legal Services demonstrated an excellent understanding of the relevant laws and sections pertaining to IP law. Their expertise helped me navigate complex legal procedures with ease, ensuring that my rights were well-protected throughout the process.

    What sets this law firm apart from others is their dedication to providing personalized solutions tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. They took time to understand the specifics of my situation and offered practical recommendations that achieved positive outcomes for me.

    Moreover, I found their approach highly transparent and communicative. At each stage of proceedings, they kept me informed about any updates or changes that affected my case so that I had a clear picture all times.

    Overall, I would highly recommend NRI Legal Services for anyone seeking assistance in Intellectual Property Law practice area. The professionalism, knowledge and commitment shown towards clients was second to none – making them stand out as one of the best options available today!

  3. I had the pleasure of working with NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, and I must say they are a highly professional firm that goes above and beyond for their clients. As an NRI, I was seeking legal assistance in the Intellectual Property Law practice area, and NRI Legal Services provided me with exceptional guidance throughout the process.

    Their team of lawyers is composed of experts who possess extensive knowledge on Indian laws related to intellectual property rights. They helped me understand my legal rights as well as navigate through various sections such as Trademark Act 1999, Copyright Act 1957, Patents Act 1970 among others.

    The firm’s approach to handling my case was thorough and meticulous. Their attention to every detail regarding my case ensured that no stone was left unturned. The team took time to listen to all of my concerns and questions patiently before providing comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for me.

    I appreciated how they kept me informed at every step along the way by using modern technology like video conferencing so that there were no delays or misunderstandings during our collaboration from overseas locations.

    Furthermore, their fees are transparent which sets them apart from many other law firms where hidden charges can create confusion or mistrust – transparency is one thing I value most about this firm!

    In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable Indian law firm specializing in Intellectual Property Law Practice Areas with excellent communication skills and dedication towards your success then NRI Legal Services should be your go-to choice without hesitation!

  4. I am an NRI who was looking for a reliable law firm to handle my Intellectual Property Law case in Chandigarh. That is when I came across NRI Legal Services, and I must say that their team of experienced lawyers exceeded my expectations.

    The first time I reached out to them, they were very prompt in responding and scheduled a consultation session with me at the earliest convenience. During the consultation, one of their lawyers patiently listened to all my concerns and provided me with a detailed overview of the legal process involved in my case. They also explained how they could assist me in protecting my intellectual property rights as per Indian laws.

    I was impressed by their knowledge and expertise in this field, especially when it comes to the relevant sections such as Section 29(4) (a) & (b), which deals with trademark infringement cases. They clearly explained each step of the process involved in filing a trademark infringement claim against someone who has used or copied my intellectual property without permission.

    Throughout the process, they kept me informed about every development and ensured that everything was done promptly while adhering strictly to legal protocols. Their attention to detail left no stone unturned during our entire mediation process.

    Overall, I would highly recommend NRI Legal Services for any NRIs seeking assistance with Intellectual Property Law practice areas. The team’s professionalism is unparalleled while providing quality advice throughout the whole matter-making procedure run seamlessly-easy even from abroad!

  5. As a Non Resident Indian (NRI), I was facing an issue with my intellectual property rights in India. That’s when I reached out to NRI Legal Services, and I must say that their team of lawyers in Chandigarh truly impressed me with their knowledge and expertise.

    They ensured that all the legal aspects were taken care of as per the relevant laws and sections in Intellectual Property Law practice area. They provided me with timely updates on my case, which helped me stay informed throughout the proceedings.

    Moreover, their professionalism and dedication towards my case were commendable. Their team left no stone unturned to ensure that justice was served to me as an NRI client.

    Apart from this, what stood out for me about NRI Legal Services is how they managed to guide me through complex legal procedures seamlessly. They patiently explained every aspect of the case and clarified any doubts or queries that I had during our meetings.

    Finally, thanks to NRI Legal Services’ efforts, we won the case successfully in court. All credit goes to them for handling it so efficiently.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend NRI Legal Services to anyone seeking legal assistance related to Intellectual Property Law practice area or any other matter concerning NRIs. Their team’s professionalism, expertise, and dedication towards their clients are unmatched!

  6. As a Non-Resident Indian (NRI), I was facing several challenges in protecting my Intellectual Property rights in India. That’s when I came across NRI Legal Services, a law firm based in Chandigarh that specializes in assisting NRIs like me with legal issues related to property, arbitration, and intellectual property.

    I got in touch with the team of expert lawyers at NRI Legal Services who were extremely professional, knowledgeable and supportive throughout my legal case. They offered their specialized services for all kinds of disputes related to intellectual property laws such as copyright infringement, patent registration etc.

    The team patiently listened to my concerns and provided valuable advice on the best course of action. They helped me understand the intricacies involved in filing an application for trademark registration for the brand name of my business under section 3 of Trademark Act, 1999. Their extensive knowledge about relevant sections such as section 11(1) which lays down provisions for grounds of refusal was impressive.

    They also took care of all legal formalities while ensuring complete transparency throughout the entire process so that I could rest assured that everything was being handled professionally and ethically. The communication lines were always open between us even though we were living miles apart making it easier for me to be updated about any progress or changes regarding my case.

    In conclusion, if you are looking for quality legal assistance on matters pertaining specifically to NRIs involving Intellectual Property Law practice area then NRI Legal services is definitely worth considering. Their dedication towards their clients’ interests and extensive experience make them stand apart from others firms operating in this field. I would highly recommend them without hesitation!

  7. I am an NRI and recently worked with the NRI Legal Services law firm in Chandigarh for my intellectual property case. I cannot say enough positive things about their services.

    From the initial consultation to the final outcome, this law firm provided exceptional legal representation, advice and support throughout the entire process. They demonstrated expertise on all aspects of Intellectual Property Law practice area, including Trademarks Act 1999, Copyrights Act 1957, Patents Act 1970.

    Their team was well-versed in navigating complex legal procedures and regulations related to intellectual property rights that I was not familiar with as a business owner residing outside India. Alongside providing sound advice on protecting my intellectual property overseas under international treaties such as Paris Convention for Protection of Industrial Property (Patent Cooperation Treaty), The Madrid Protocol etc.

    One aspect that stood out during our work together is how responsive they were. They kept me updated frequently about any progress or developments regarding my case via email & phone calls whenever required.

    The lawyers at NRI Legal Services are not just experienced but also professional and approachable. I always felt comfortable reaching out to them whenever I had concerns or questions about the process which helped me through difficult times when dealing with complicated legal matters involving government authorities like Registrar of Companies etc

    Overall, working with this firm was a great experience from start to finish. Their knowledge on Indian IP laws is outstanding and their commitment towards providing solutions for complex problems speaks volumes about their dedication towards clients’ success.

    I would highly recommend this reliable team at NRI Legal Services if you’re seeking expert guidance on Intellectual Property Law practice area concerning Non Resident Indians (NRI).

  8. I had the pleasure of working with NRI Legal Services, a renowned law firm based in Chandigarh. As an NRI, I was facing legal complications related to Intellectual Property Law and sought their services.

    I must say that my experience with them has been excellent. The team at NRI Legal Services is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of Intellectual Property Law. They are well-versed with all relevant laws and sections, including but not limited to Trademarks Act, Copyright Act, Patents Act etc.

    The lawyers at this firm provided me with professional assistance throughout the legal process. In fact, they went above and beyond my expectations by providing insights on various aspects of IP law which helped me understand the situation better.

    In addition to their expertise in IP law, their attention to detail and responsiveness were impeccable. They kept me informed about every step taken during my case proceedings without any delays or ambiguity.

    Overall, I am highly satisfied with the services provided by NRI Legal Services for resolving my Intellectual Property issues successfully. Their professionalism combined with dedication ensured that my matter got resolved promptly while keeping me regularly updated throughout the entire process.

    I strongly recommend anyone seeking legal assistance relating to Intellectual Property Law matters should consult NRI Legal Services for top-notch legal representation without any reservation!

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