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  1. I am an NRI and needed legal assistance regarding a sensitive issue related to matrimonial and family law in India. I was recommended by a friend to approach NRI Legal Services, a renowned law firm based in Chandigarh.

    From my first interaction with the team at NRI Legal Services, I knew that I had made the right decision. They were professional yet empathetic towards my situation and took time to understand my case thoroughly before offering their services.

    Their knowledge and expertise regarding Indian laws related to marriage, divorce, child custody, property division etc., is commendable. They paid attention to every detail of my case and provided me with sound legal advice on how to proceed further.

    Further, they kept me updated about all the court proceedings through regular communication either via phone or email which helped me stay informed about the progress of my case.

    The lawyers who represented me in court were dynamic advocates who left no stone unturned while presenting our side of the story. They quoted relevant sections under various acts related to marital disputes which gave strength to our arguments

    Thanks to their diligent efforts , we got favorable judgement from court . The entire process would have been much more draining without their support & guidance during this emotional time .

    I highly recommend NRI Legal Services for anyone seeking legal representation for matters pertaining any Matrimonial issues concerning NRIs in India. Their professionalism commitment towards client satisfaction is truly exceptional !

  2. I recently had the pleasure of working with NRI Legal Services, a law firm based in Chandigarh that provides legal services to Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) around the world. I approached them seeking assistance with some matrimonial and family law matters, and I was extremely impressed with their level of expertise and professionalism.

    One thing that really stood out to me about NRI Legal Services is their deep understanding of Indian laws related to marriage and family disputes. They were able to quickly assess my situation and provide clear guidance on how best to move forward. For example, they explained in detail various provisions under The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 (HMA) about divorce in India for Hindus including mutual consent or contested divorce, maintenance, child custody hearings etc., which helped me understand the legal implications of my case.

    Another aspect of working with NRI Legal Services that I appreciated was their responsiveness. Whenever I had questions or concerns throughout the process, they were always quick to respond via email or phone call.

    Overall, I would highly recommend NRI Legal Services for anyone seeking legal representation in marital and family disputes involving NRIs like myself. Their expertise in this area is unparalleled – it’s clear they have years of experience helping countless clients navigate India’s complex legal landscape.

    Thank you again NRI Legal Services for your invaluable support throughout this challenging time – you’ve truly made a difference!

  3. I recently had the pleasure of working with NRI Legal Services, a law firm in Chandigarh that specializes in the Matrimonial and Family Law practice area. As an Non Resident Indian (NRI) client who was facing serious family issues, I found myself needing legal assistance.

    From start to finish, my experience working with NRI Legal Services was nothing short of exceptional. The team at NRI Legal Services provided me with not only expert legal advice but also emotional support throughout what was a challenging time for me and my family.

    One aspect of their service that stood out to me was how well-versed they were regarding Indian laws related to marriage and divorce. They made sure I was fully aware of all my options under various sections such as Section 13B – Divorce on Mutual Consent, Hindu Marriage Act 1955 etc. Their knowledge and understanding of these laws put me at ease knowing that I could trust them completely.

    The staff members also demonstrated professionalism and worked diligently on resolving our case quickly without compromising the quality of work done. Additionally, they were very responsive throughout the process via email or phone which reassured us that we were always kept informed about everything happening.

    Overall, I would highly recommend NRI Legal Services to anyone who requires matrimonial or family law services in India . Looking back on this experience now,it is clear why they are known as one of the best law firms you can work within this specific field because their professionalism goes above any expectations someone may have had!

  4. I would highly recommend NRI Legal Services, a law firm based in Chandigarh, to any Non-Resident Indian (NRI) seeking legal assistance in the Matrimonial and Family Law practice area. As an NRI client who was facing complex legal issues related to my family and marriage, I can confidently say that their expertise and professionalism were invaluable throughout the entire process.

    The team at NRI Legal Services was able to provide me with in-depth knowledge of relevant laws and sections pertaining to my case. Their comprehensive understanding of Indian legal systems played a vital role in guiding me through various proceedings. Their willingness to explain legal terms in plain language enabled me to fully comprehend each step of the process.

    Their experience is evident from their ability to quickly analyze situations with precision, while also taking into account all factors that could impact the outcome of my case. The lawyers at this firm are compassionate towards their clients’ needs, providing emotional support alongside impeccable legal counsel. They made sure they stayed on top of communication regarding updates on my case which helped put my mind at ease.

    Alongside being skilled professionals, the lawyers also have excellent inter-personal skills; hence it became easy for me as an NRI client residing abroad get all necessary information without having an issue accessing them. Their constant support during difficult times provided great comfort knowing I had someone fighting for what’s rightfully mine.

    In conclusion, if you’re an NRI facing intricate matters related matrimony or familial ties requiring professional advice within Indian jurisdiction- do not hesitate with reaching out to these experts at NRI Legal Services before making life-changing decisions– as they will not only help you understand your rights but also fight tooth-and-nail defending them for you!

  5. I am an NRI residing in Canada, and I had issues concerning the division of property back in India. As a non-resident Indian, I was unsure about how to proceed with the legal process and how it would affect my rights as an NRI. Thankfully, I found out about the services provided by NRI Legal Services.

    The law firm specializes in serving NRIs like myself who are facing various legal issues related to their assets or family matters back home in India. They have helped me through every step of the legal proceedings for my case within Matrimonial and Family Law practice area.

    NRI Legal Services lawyers stood beside me throughout my journey toward resolving all disputes between myself and other parties involved. They explained everything clearly, including relevant laws such as Section 6 of Hindu Succession Act that governs ancestral property rights for women.

    In addition to offering clarity on various sections of the law governing property disputes, they also provide round-the-clock communication with clients through phone calls or messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Skype. This constant communication ensured that I was always up-to-date on any developments regarding my case

    They were incredibly patient while explaining complex legal terms so that someone who isn’t well-versed with technical jargon can understand what is happening during each stage of their proceedings.

    Overall, I’m more than satisfied with the level of service provided by NRI Legal Services Chandigarh branch. Their expertise saved me from potential financial loss due to incorrect handling of property-related documentation which could have been disastrous without help from them.. If you’re someone dealing with similar issues related to your assets/family situation in India – this law firm’s guidance is well worth considering!

  6. I am an NRI who was facing a complicated matrimonial dispute with my spouse in India. Being located halfway across the world, I feared that I would have to keep traveling back and forth to deal with it. However, after contacting NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, all of my fears were put to rest.

    The legal team at NRI Legal Services were extremely professional and supportive throughout the entire process. They clearly outlined all of the relevant laws and sections pertaining to my case which gave me confidence that they knew what they were doing.

    Their knowledge of Indian family law is second-to-none – they provided me with clear guidance on complex issues such as child custody, property division, financial settlements and other related matters. Their attention-to-detail is impressive; every aspect of my case was thoroughly reviewed by their legal experts before any action was taken.

    I particularly found their communication skills impressive – they kept me informed about every major development in the case through regular email updates or conference calls. This helped me stay connected with the proceedings even while being abroad.

    Their ability to handle diplomatic situations with ease also impressed me greatly – there were times when things got heated between myself and my spouse but their calm & composed demeanor helped diffuse things quickly without compromising on our interests.

    Finally, what made them stand out most for me is how easily accessible they are despite being based out-of-state: whether it’s via phone call or email support—they’ve always been responsive no matter what timezone difference!

    Overall, I can confidently say that NRI Legal Services has exceeded all expectations as far as facilitating Matrimonial disputes for NRIs like myself goes! Highly recommend them if you’re looking for a reliable legal counsel specializing in this area of practice..

  7. I am an NRI who was facing a complicated family matter and was seeking legal help in India. I came across NRI Legal Services, a law firm based in Chandigarh that specializes in Matrimonial and Family Law practice area for NRIs.

    From day one, the team at NRI Legal Services provided me with the much-needed assurance and guidance during this stressful time. They helped me understand the nuances of Indian Family Law, including sections 13B and 498A of the Hindu Marriage Act, which pertained to my case.

    The lawyers were extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of my case and worked diligently to ensure that all legal proceedings were handled efficiently. Their attention to detail was impeccable, they took great care to anticipate potential problems that could arise during the process, and always kept me informed every step of the way.

    What impressed me most about NRI Legal Services were their client-centric approach. They truly cared about what was best for me and worked tirelessly towards achieving it. The team’s expertise coupled with their compassion made all the difference in such difficult times.

    Moreover, they understood that being located overseas may have presented some challenges for us regarding communication or testimony; however, they left no stone unturned to ensure our comfortability throughout these stages too.

    Overall I’m delighted with their service as I managed to get through this challenging phase smoothly thanks to them – if there’s anyone needing any kind of legal assistance from abroad or within India itself concerning family matters alike can trust them blindfolded!

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