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  1. I am writing this testimonial to express my gratitude towards Abhishek Sharma, a lawyer in the law firm “NRI Legal Services” in Chandigarh. As an NRI client, I was facing certain legal issues related to property acquisition in India. After contacting Mr. Sharma, he provided me with detailed guidance and assistance on various aspects of Property Law.

    Mr. Sharma helped me understand the legal framework governing property transfers and title verification under Indian law. He also assisted me in carrying out proper due diligence to ensure that no discrepancies existed regarding ownership of the said property.

    Furthermore, Mr. Sharma drafted all necessary agreements and legal documents required for transferring the property’s ownership as per Transfer of Property Act 1882.

    Additionally, Mr. Sharma also represented me during a dispute over a non-registered sale deed concerning my inherited properties The Hindu Succession Act 1956 . His expertise and guidance allowed for quick resolution to avoid escalation into costly litigation.

    Throughout our time working together, Mr.Sharma demonstrated his knowledge about applicable legislation while providing sound advice at every stage of the process involved including filing complaints or appeals with appropriate authorities

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with Mr.Sharma’s services as he efficiently handled these complex cases while keeping me informed throughout each stage till its end result effectively.While dealing with NRI clients’ unique challenges concerning making sure their interests are safeguarded when dealing with any legal matters involving cross-border complexities between foreign countries like ours ,he has always been transparent and approachable which made it easier for us.NRIs can trust his vast experience across various areas such as Matrimonial & Family Law , Inheritance & Succession Laws,Taxation Laws,Civil Litigation,Criminal Litigation,Banking & Finance which makes him an excellent choice for anyone requiring expert legal counsel.

    I highly recommend Mr.Abhishek Sharma as a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer who can assist NRIs in any relevant legal matters with ease, professionalism, and efficiency.’

  2. I recently had the pleasure of working with Abhishek Sharma, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. I am an Non Resident Indian and was seeking legal guidance in matters related to property law. Mr. Sharma’s expertise in this area was exceptional, and he quickly put me at ease with his extensive knowledge of property laws and regulations.

    Mr. Sharma assisted me throughout the entire process of acquiring, selling, transferring, and managing immovable properties in my home country. He provided thorough title verification and due diligence to ensure that all aspects of the agreements were legally sound and protected my interests as an NRI.

    Additionally, Mr. Sharma represented me on several occasions during property disputes which required navigating through various sections of relevant civil litigation law such as [section numbers]. His attention to detail ensured that every aspect of these cases was covered comprehensively while keeping my best interests at heart.

    Throughout our interactions, Mr. Sharma demonstrated professionalism, communication skills along with prompt response time whenever necessary because it is critical for NRIs like myself who are unable to be physically present during legal proceedings or signings taking place across borders.

    In summary, I highly recommend Mr. Abhishek Sharma for anyone seeking legal advice in any matter related to Property Law as well as other areas such as Matrimonial & Family Law[I can mention more fields based on my experience] where he has an exemplary track record thanks to his vast experience representing clients throughout India under different governing laws including International family law under Hague convention provisions.

    Finally let me acknowledge the fact that not only did MR.Sharma have comprehensive knowledge about changes & amendments made since 2019 onwards but also proactively informed us about its impact even before we could approach him thereby saving us unnecessary hassle down the road; something which not many lawyers i have interacted within India would preemptively make their clients aware off.”

  3. I recently had the pleasure of working with a lawyer from NRI Legal Services, who provided me with exceptional legal guidance and representation on various matters related to Property Law. Under his expert guidance, my complex property dispute was resolved efficiently and effectively.

    The lawyer thoroughly explained every aspect of my case and helped me navigate through the complexities of Indian law in a professional manner. He undertook rigorous due diligence to verify the title of the property and drafted agreements that were compliant with relevant sections of Indian law. With his expertise, I felt confident that all legal requirements were met for this transaction.

    Furthermore, he provided timely updates on developments throughout the process which kept me informed at every stage, ensuring transparency throughout our dealings. His attention to detail extended into court proceedings where he represented my interests professionally while maintaining an empathetic demeanor towards our situation.

    Overall, I am incredibly grateful for having NRI Legal Services’ expert legal team assist us in navigating delicate family matters and civil disputes sensitively yet firmly as dictated by applicable Matrimonial and Family Law provisions respectively. The team’s astute judgement saved us time and resources while always prioritizing resolution over litigation.

    I have no hesitation recommending their services to NRIs seeking assistance across any spectrum ranging from Inheritance & Succession inquiries down to on-the-ground Business Incorporation support allowing one’s business goals come true smoothly within required compliance parameters.

    Once again thank you Abhishek Sharma for providing excellent service!

  4. I recently had the pleasure of working with a lawyer from NRI Legal Services, based in Chandigarh, who helped me navigate some complex legal matters related to property law. Abhishek Sharma was my lawyer and I cannot speak highly enough about his professionalism, expertise and dedication.

    Abhishek not only assisted me in acquiring a property but also helped me with due diligence by verifying the title which gave me peace of mind that my investment was secure. He also drafted agreements and resolved various disputes related to the property using his extensive knowledge of civil litigation laws in India.

    Throughout our interactions, it was clear that Abhishek took an extremely thorough approach to his work. He explained legal jargons clearly so even if I didn’t understand Indian Property Law (such as section 53A), he made sure everything was crystal clear before moving forward.

    In addition to being knowledgeable and detail-oriented, Abhishek impressed me with his responsiveness and willingness to go above and beyond for clients like myself. Despite being located across the country from him, he always made time for consultations over phone or email.

    Overall, I would recommend Abhishek Sharma at NRI Legal Services without hesitation to any Non Resident Indians seeking top-notch legal representation for their needs within any area including intellectual property law (such as sections 3(c) & 14 of Copyright Act), family law (like Section 13B of Hindu Marriage Act) , or immigration law (section 5(1)D(iii)of Citizenship Act). His experience across multiple areas has definitely been helpful throughout all our conversations.

    Thank you once again Abhishek!

  5. I am an NRI who was looking for a reliable and experienced lawyer to guide me through my legal matters in India. I came across Abhishek Sharma from NRI Legal Services, Chandigarh and it turned out to be the best decision. He has been extremely professional, knowledgeable, and efficient in handling various legal issues related to property law, inheritance and succession as well as civil litigation.

    Abhishek’s expertise in property law helped me with title verification, due diligence, drafting of agreements and resolving disputes among legal heirs efficiently. He had detailed knowledge about relevant sections like Section 44A of the Civil Procedure Code which deals with foreign judgments enforcement.

    In terms of inheritance law, Abhishek provided valuable advice on wills and probate making the process much smoother for me. He also dealt with civil litigation cases including contractual disputes by providing comprehensive representation at court hearings under Section 20 CPC – Jurisdiction in certain suits arising out of contracts.

    His expertise also extended into taxation-related matters where he gave expert guidance for domestic tax obligations while ensuring compliance with regulations under section 90A of Income Tax Act – Deduction or relief allowed from income-tax paid outside India

    Overall, his attention to detail coupled with his vast knowledge made my experience working with him hassle-free. I highly recommend Abhishek Sharma at NRI Legal Services for all legal services required by NRIs both within India or overseas because he is equipped to provide assistance on a wide range of areas such as family law (including litigation), corporate & commercial laws along with immigration laws just to name a few!

  6. I would like to share my experience with Abhishek Sharma of NRI Legal Services, who assisted me in a property dispute case. As an NRI, dealing with legal issues in my home country was challenging for me, but Mr. Sharma made the process seamless and hassle-free.

    Mr. Sharma’s extensive knowledge of Property Law helped us to navigate through different sections related to title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements and resolving disputes among legal heirs under Indian Succession Act 1925. He conducted thorough research on the matter at hand and provided comprehensive solutions as per The Transfer of Property Act 1882.

    His professionalism and attention to detail were commendable throughout the entire process. He kept us informed at every stage of the proceedings and was prompt in responding to our queries.

    Additionally, Mr. Sharma also demonstrated expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution methods such as Arbitration which resulted into out-of-court settlement benefiting both parties involved without lengthy court-trial procedures saving time and money for everyone involved.

    I would highly recommend Abhishek Sharma from NRI Legal Services for any legal matters concerning NRIs such as Intellectual property law (Patent Act & Copyrights Act), Corporate Laws (Companies act), Matrimonial & Family laws (Hindu Marriage Act1969) etc since his vast knowledge Legal & practical nuances of applicable laws will ensure you are always on top when it comes resolving complex situations within India’s Jurisdiction or abroad!

  7. As a Non Resident Indian (NRI) with property holdings in India, I was faced with the daunting task of managing my assets remotely while also ensuring that my legal rights were protected. This is where Abhishek Sharma, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, came to my aid.

    Abhishek Sharma provided me with expert guidance on matters related to Property Law under various sections such as Section 13B of Hindu Marriage Act for transfer and management of immovable properties. He conducted thorough due diligence and title verification to ensure a smooth acquisition process and drafted agreements that covered all critical aspects of the transaction. In addition to this, he represented me in property disputes ensuring a fair resolution using relevant laws such as Section 420 IPC for cheating cases.

    Furthermore, Abhishek Sharma assisted me in navigating complex cross-border matrimonial issues by providing sound counsel on Matrimonial and Family Law under sections like Section 9 HMA which deals with restitution of conjugal rights. His expertise helped me secure favorable outcomes concerning child custody and alimony-related disputes.

    He also advised me on Inheritance and Succession laws which ensured proper distribution of inherited assets amongst legal heirs under section 30-34 Probate & Administration Act.

    Beyond these specialized areas mentioned above, Abhishek Sharma offered comprehensive legal representation across many other areas including Civil Litigation using Common Law principle which gave clarity regarding contractual disputes. Additionally, his insights into Banking and Business law allowed him to develop an effective strategy towards mergers & acquisitions using Companies Act 2013 provisions while ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

    Throughout our engagement Abhishek maintained high ethical standards; was professional yet approachable making navigation through different statutes such as Transfer Of Property act easy . His deep understanding of Indian laws combined with clear communication made it possible for us to achieve positive results efficiently.

    Overall I would highly recommend Abhishek Sharma’s services without hesitation; his excellent knowledge of the legal system in India under different acts Sections and his ability to navigate complex situations with ease make him an excellent lawyer.

  8. As an NRI, I recently had to deal with a complex property dispute in my home country. Being based abroad, I was unsure of how to navigate the local legal system and protect my interests. That’s when I reached out to Abhishek Sharma, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh.

    Mr. Sharma was incredibly knowledgeable about Property Law and explained the process to me in detail, including relevant laws such as The Transfer of Property Act and The Registration Act. He conducted thorough due diligence on the property in question, verifying its title and ensuring that all documentation was in order.

    When it came time for negotiations with the other party involved in the dispute, Mr. Sharma drafted comprehensive agreements that protected my rights and interests under Section 17 of The Indian Contract Act. His expertise proved invaluable during mediation sessions, where he argued persuasively on my behalf using case law from relevant sections such as Section 53A of The Transfer Of Property (Amendment) Act.

    Thanks to Mr. Sharma’s diligent efforts, we were able to reach a favorable settlement within weeks – much faster than I expected given the complexity of the matter! His timely communication throughout this process gave me peace of mind even though I was thousands of miles away from India.

    I highly recommend Abhishek Sharma for any legal matters concerning NRIs’ acquisition or management of immovable properties back home under Sections 13A-13B or even disputes involving family members under Hindu Succession Act or Muslim Personal Laws Board. He is an excellent lawyer who truly goes above and beyond for his clients’ needs!

  9. I recently had the pleasure of working with Abhishek Sharma, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. As an NRI, I was facing several legal issues related to property law and Mr. Sharma provided me with exceptional guidance and support throughout the entire process.

    Mr. Sharma’s expertise in property law helped me navigate the complexities of title verification, due diligence and drafting agreements for my immovable properties back home. He ensured that all documentation was legally sound, adhered to relevant laws as well as protected my best interests under Section 55 of the Transfer of Property Act.

    Furthermore, Mr. Sharma also assisted me in resolving a property dispute through civil litigation under Section 9 of the Code of Civil Procedure (CPC) providing comprehensive legal representation during court hearings resulting in favourable outcomes for me.

    In addition to this, his grasp on corporate and commercial law helped smooth business formation matters such as mergers and acquisitions ensuring compliance with regulations laid out by Companies Act 2013 among other sections mentioned therein like section 230 which deals specifically with mergers & amalgamations.

    Moreover, he went above and beyond when it came to taxation obligations advising me on domestic as well international tax laws including those pertinent under Income Tax Act 1961 that guided proper filing procedures streamlining administrative processes significantly making compliance easier for NRIs like myself

    Overall Mr.Sharma proved himself incredibly knowledgeable not just about property law but across a range of areas including banking & finance matters where he offered valuable advice on loan schemes as per National Housing Bank Regulations alongwith other regulatory bodies mentioned in Reserve bank of India act thus proving his versatility

    In conclusion, I would absolutely recommend him for anyone seeking trustworthy legal counsel whether they require assistance regarding inheritance or succession acts that are applicable depending upon religion-specific provisions; intellectual property rights protection or any kind of alternative dispute resolution compromising arbitration or mediation solutions enabled by Arbitration & Conciliation Act/Civil Procedure Code/ Indian Contract Act amongst other legal provisions. His professionalism and dedication to his clients make him an asset to the legal community in Chandigarh.

  10. I recently had the privilege of working with Abhishek Sharma from NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh for a property law matter related to my immovable property back in India. I was impressed by his extensive knowledge and expertise on all aspects of Indian Property Law, including title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements and resolving disputes.

    Abhishek was patient and thorough in explaining each legal process that we went through, ensuring that I fully understood what was happening every step of the way. He meticulously reviewed all the documents pertaining to my property with great attention to detail and highlighted any areas of concern. He provided me with well-reasoned legal advice based on his interpretation of relevant provisions under The Transfer of Property Act 1882.

    During our interactions, he demonstrated exceptional professionalism while being friendly and approachable at the same time. His communication skills were impressive as he kept me informed about all developments promptly via email, phone calls or video conferencing whenever required due to cross-border matters.

    He is an astute strategist who is always looking out for his client’s best interests. In my case, Abhishek negotiated skilfully with other parties involved in the transaction, which ultimately resulted in a satisfactory outcome without resorting to litigation under The Code Of Civil Procedure 1908.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Abhishek Sharma for anyone seeking professional legal services related to Non Resident Indian (NRI) Property Law issues as they are definitely going to receive sound guidance backed by comprehensive research and analysis under applicable laws like Real Estate Regulation And Development Act (RERA).

  11. As a non-resident Indian (NRI), I was faced with numerous legal challenges related to property law in my home country. Fortunately, I found Abhishek Sharma from NRI Legal Services, who provided me with outstanding legal counsel and representation.

    Abhishek assisted me in matters related to the acquisition, sale, transfer, and management of immovable properties under various relevant laws and sections of the Transfer of Property Act 1882. He conducted thorough title verifications and due diligence on my behalf to ensure that all transactions were legitimate and verified as per Section 55(1) of the act.

    Additionally, he drafted meticulous agreements for me under Section 54 which helped protect my interests while ensuring compliance with all legal norms relating to property transfers in India. Mr. Sharma also represented me throughout several property disputes where his expertise proved invaluable under Section 9 of the Civil Procedure Code.

    Apart from his remarkable skill in property law matters; Abhishek was highly competent when it came to cross-border matrimonial cases’ complexities involving divorce proceedings or inheritances between NRIs which are governed by Indian Succession Act 1925 respectively.

    Furthermore, he advised us on intricate taxation laws concerning our assets being overseas residents- analyzing our tax liability while complying with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) filing requirements as part of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA).

    Overall I cannot recommend Mr.Sharma’s services enough; he is an excellent lawyer whose work has been nothing short of exceptional across multiple domains such as family law issues like maintenance claims or joint ventures unde​r Companies Act at some instances including but not limited to Alternative Dispute Resolution methods such as mediation which saved time & money without even having set foot inside a courtroom!

  12. I was fortunate enough to work with Abhishek Sharma, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, and I cannot speak highly enough of his expertise and professionalism. As an NRI with property interests in India, I reached out to Abhishek for assistance with property law matters related to title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements and dealing with property disputes.

    Abhishek’s knowledge of the relevant laws and sections pertaining to my case was impressive. He provided invaluable guidance every step of the way ensuring that all legal formalities were adhered to. His attention to detail is second-to-none and his proactive approach ensured that everything ran smoothly.

    Throughout my dealings with him, Abhishek displayed a remarkable ability to grasp complex concepts quickly while providing clear explanations in simple terms. This not only helped me understand the various issues involved but also gave me confidence that he has everything under control.

    What impressed me most about Abhishek was his commitment towards achieving the best possible outcome for his clients. He diligently worked on my case from start till finish ensuring timely resolution without compromising on quality or efficiency.

    His vast experience in handling civil litigation matters including contractual disputes, property disputes and recovery suits made it evident that he is well-versed in Indian legal system’s practices & procedures which enabled him provide comprehensive representation before courts & tribunals alike.

    In conclusion, Abhishek Sharma is an outstanding lawyer who goes above and beyond what’s expected from him as a professional attorney. His expert advice saved me both time & money while giving me peace of mind throughout the process. I would highly recommend anyone seeking legal services relating to Property Law or any other practice areas offered by NRI Legal Services team reach out to them!

  13. I am a Non Resident Indian (NRI) who was in need of legal assistance in matters related to property law. I found Abhishek Sharma, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, and I must say that my experience with him has been outstanding.

    Abhishek provided me with comprehensive legal representation throughout the entire process of acquiring and managing immovable properties in India. He assisted me with title verification, due diligence, drafting of agreements, and resolving any property disputes that arose. He was knowledgeable about relevant laws like the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 and the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016.

    What impressed me most about Abhishek was his ability to clearly explain complex legal jargon in layman’s terms. He made sure I understood every step of the process and kept me informed at every stage of my case.

    I would highly recommend Abhishek Sharma for any NRIs looking for assistance with their legal needs related to property law or any other areas such as matrimonial/family law or inheritance/succession cases. His expertise extends beyond just one area; he is also skilled in civil litigation under various sections including Code of Civil Procedure 1908 Section 9 – “Institution of suits”, as well as criminal litigation covered under Indian Penal Code Section 375 – “Rape” or corporate/commercial law including Companies Act, 2013.

    Overall, I found Abhishek to be an approachable lawyer who genuinely cares about his clients’ welfare. If you are an NRI seeking reliable legal representation within India while staying overseas then look no further than NRI Legal Services where Abhishek works!

  14. I recently had the pleasure of working with a lawyer from NRI Legal Services, who assisted me with matters related to property law. I was impressed by the level of expertise and professionalism displayed by Abhishek Sharma throughout the entire process.

    Abhishek helped me navigate through complex legal proceedings involving title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements, and handling property disputes. His knowledge of relevant laws and sections was unparalleled, which made it much easier for me to understand my legal rights as an NRI.

    Moreover, Abhishek’s ability to communicate clearly and concisely was appreciated as he ensured that I understood every aspect of my case. He kept me informed about all developments in my matter while going above and beyond in his efforts to represent my interests at every step.

    Thanks to Abhishek’s sound advice and guidance throughout the process, I felt well-supported and confident in making informed decisions regarding my case. The outcome exceeded expectations which further reiterates his expertise in handling such cases successfully within a stipulated timeframe.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Abhishek Sharma at NRI Legal Services for anyone seeking assistance on matters pertaining to property law or any other area mentioned earlier like matrimonial & family law or corporate & commercial law etc. His dedication towards customer satisfaction is certainly commendable!

  15. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Abhishek Sharma, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, for assisting me with my legal matters related to property acquisition and management.

    Abhishek’s extensive knowledge and expertise in Property Law helped me navigate through complex title verification, due diligence, drafting of agreements and property disputes. He provided comprehensive legal representation by ensuring adherence to Section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act when dealing with matrimonial issues.

    His professionalism was exceptional while handling inheritance matters as he ensured compliance with Section 213 of The Indian Succession Act. Abhishek also assisted me in understanding taxation obligations under relevant sections such as ITA (Income Tax Act) & FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) that enabled me to comply with tax regulations.

    Throughout the process, Abhishek displayed great communication skills by keeping me well-informed about every step involved in the case. His dedication towards his work is praiseworthy, which is evident from his detailed research on various aspects of Corporate and commercial law.

    Furthermore, his proficiency has extended beyond domestic laws; he has expertly guided NRIs through cross-border litigation proceedings where criminal litigation becomes an aspect of concern. Abhishek’s familiarity with alternative dispute resolution methodologies including mediation and arbitration propelled a swift settlement without resorting to court trials on some occasions relating to civil litigation issues faced by NRIs

    I highly recommend Mr. Abhishek Sharma for any legal matter pertaining not just only limited but vast areas mentioned above as he exhibited an unwavering commitment towards our success while maintaining utmost confidentiality throughout our interactions.

  16. As an NRI seeking legal assistance in India, I can confidently say that Abhishek Sharma of NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh is one of the most competent lawyers out there. He helped me navigate through a complex and legally challenging property dispute matter which was not only emotionally taxing but also required expertise in understanding the relevant laws and sections.

    Abhishek’s knowledge and experience with Property Law were evident from his ability to advise me on matters related to title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements and resolving disputes among legal heirs. His guidance on Section 53A of the Transfer of Property Act proved particularly valuable during my case.

    Additionally, Abhishek has exceptional skills as a litigator. He represented my interests brilliantly during court proceedings using his comprehensive knowledge of Civil Litigation laws including Section 9 and Order VII Rule 11(c) of the Civil Procedure Code. His professionalism was unmatched throughout our engagement – he always kept me informed about developments in my case while laying out all possible scenarios for future actions so that I could make informed decisions regarding next steps.

    One aspect where Abhishek truly stood apart from other lawyers I had worked with was his dedication to alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, arbitration or negotiation which are more cost-effective than traditional litigation approaches. This demonstrates his commitment to providing clients with practical solutions rather than just trying to rack up billable hours.

    In conclusion, if you’re an NRI looking for trustworthy legal advice on any matter ranging from property law to matrimonial disputes – look no further than Abhishek Sharma at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh! With strong expertise across multiple areas, extensive experience representing NRIs like myself and willingness to explore non-traditional ways of dispute resolution – he’s one who’ll ensure your best interests are safeguarded every step along the way.

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