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  1. I had the pleasure of working with Kavita Bhatia, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, on a property dispute matter. I was impressed by her extensive knowledge and expertise in property law, as well as her ability to communicate complex legal concepts clearly and concisely.

    Kavita helped me navigate the intricacies of title verification and due diligence for my immovable property back home, ensuring that all legal requirements were met according to relevant sections of the Indian Contract Act. She also provided invaluable advice on drafting agreements related to the sale and transfer of my property.

    Throughout our interactions, Kavita demonstrated a deep understanding of cross-border issues faced by NRIs like myself. Her guidance on inheritance matters relating to wills and probate made it easy for me to transition ownership of assets smoothly among legal heirs.

    What struck me most about Kavita was her passion for providing top-notch legal representation while keeping my best interests at heart. She not only represented me effectively in court but also took care to ensure that I understood every step of the litigation process under relevant sections such as Civil Procedure Code.

    Overall, I highly recommend Kavita Bhatia’s services for anyone seeking reliable and knowledgeable legal representation in areas such as family law or corporate governance. With her help, I can rest assured knowing that my legal affairs are being handled expertly according to applicable laws such as Income Tax Act 1961, while prioritizing fairness and justice at all times.

  2. I had the pleasure of working with Kavita Bhatia, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, for assistance with my property law issue. I was impressed by her vast knowledge and expertise in matters related to the acquisition, sale, transfer, and management of immovable properties. She guided me through the nuances of title verification and due diligence while drafting agreements that protected my interests.

    Kavita helped me navigate complex cross-border matrimonial and family law matters during a difficult time for my family. Her detailed understanding of various sections within Indian law ensured we were well-informed throughout the process. She handled our divorce case professionally while keeping our best interests in mind. Additionally, she provided guidance on child custody issues ensuring a smooth transition.

    Kavita also assisted us with inheritance issues by advising us on matters concerning wills and probate that resulted in an amicable resolution among legal heirs.

    In addition to her excellent service as a civil litigation attorney handling contractual disputes and property disputes; Kavita established herself as an expert criminal litigation attorney defending NRIs accused of any wrongdoing under relevant sections like Sections 420 IPC (Cheating & Fraud), Section 498A IPC (Cruelty against Women) or any other section as per relevance based on facts so that every client receives equal representation irrespective of their location or background.

    She is dedicated to protecting clients’ rights through effective representation within corporate governance rules maintaining compliance with applicable laws: be it tax regulations or banking regulations related bank loans due diligence required under RBI guidelines etc., always safeguarding clients’ interest diligently.

    Overall, I highly recommend Kavita Bhatia’s services at NRI Legal Services to anyone seeking legal advice regarding immigration-related matters – citizenship applications for overseas Indians who wish to retain their status offshore permanently without hassles such as OCI visa requirements which may cause delays when trying to return home unexpectedly without proper documentation available beforehand —amongst other matters such as trademark and copyright infringement, while offering affordable Alternative Dispute Resolution methods for legal disputes.

  3. I recently had the pleasure of working with Kavita Bhatia, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. As an NRI, I was facing several legal challenges related to property law and inheritance matters back home. Ms. Bhatia assisted me with utmost professionalism and compassion, guiding me through the complexities of Indian laws.

    Ms. Bhatia’s expertise in property law proved instrumental in resolving my title verification issues and drafting agreements to ensure a smooth transfer of immovable properties. She provided comprehensive due diligence services and represented me in property disputes under relevant sections like Section 53A of Transfer of Property Act, 1882.

    Furthermore, she also helped me navigate succession laws by advising on wills and probate matters under Section 213-215 of Indian Succession Act, 1925 ensuring hassle-free transmission of assets amongst legal heirs.

    Ms. Bhatia’s extensive knowledge about cross-border matrimonial law enabled her to provide wise counsel regarding child custody and alimony issues under Hindu Marriage Act & Special Marriage Act for NRIs; thereby minimizing the complexity associated with such cases.

    She is proficient when it comes to civil litigation too as she has handled contractual disputes claiming compensation from builders/developers successfully recover dues for clients under section Order XXI Rule 37-40 CPC / The SARFAESI ACT that involves securing financial assets by banks/NBFCs/FIs allowing us to protect our interest efficiently without much hassle.

    Moreover, her guidance on banking regulations has been beneficial while dealing with loans/mortgage investments in India safeguarding our interests.

    Overall if you’re looking for reliable legal assistance concerning any matter (property/corporate/taxation), I strongly recommend Kavita Bhatia’s professional support at NRI Legal Services as she certainly delivers what they commit whilst maintaining their commitment towards work ethics which reinforces trust between client-lawyer relationships.”

  4. As an NRI who had been struggling to navigate the complexities of Indian property law, I cannot recommend Kavita Bhatia and her team at NRI Legal Services enough. Ms. Bhatia’s expertise in property law, including title verification and due diligence, was invaluable in ensuring a smooth transaction for my immovable property acquisition. The team also provided comprehensive legal representation during a property dispute.

    Additionally, when faced with a complex cross-border matrimonial issue involving child custody and alimony, Ms. Bhatia’s guidance on family law matters was both accurate and reassuring. Her knowledge of relevant sections within the Indian laws governing such issues instilled confidence that we were proceeding correctly.

    Ms. Bhatia proved herself again as a trusted advisor during our discussions concerning inheritance laws related to wills and probate when transitioning assets among legal heirs. It is clear that she has expertly assisted many NRIs successfully through these often difficult processes.

    I have also benefited from Ms. Bhatia’s counsel regarding corporate governance and commercial transactions specific to my situation as an NRI business owner under various domestic regulations.

    Her experience with alternative dispute resolution methods allowed us to reach amicable settlements out of court more quickly than traditional proceedings would have afforded us otherwise while saving valuable time and financial resources.

    Throughout all of our interactions, whether dealing with civil or criminal litigation matters relating to banking or finance concerns around taxation compliance requirements or visa-related immigration issues – Ms. Bhatia consistently demonstrated dedication towards delivering tailored solutions along with exceptional service delivery metrics making it easier for me to manage these situations by myself going forward confidently without worrying about being bogged down by legalese jargon.

    Overall, Kavita Bhatia is not only an accomplished lawyer but someone who deeply cares about providing quality legal services tailored towards NRIs like myself seeking assistance across multiple areas affecting their interests in India-based properties or other enterprises.”

  5. I am an NRI and was looking for a lawyer in Chandigarh who could assist me with property-related matters. That’s when I came across Kavita Bhatia, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services. I must say that my experience with her has been nothing short of exceptional.

    Kavita helped me with the acquisition of an immovable property in India by providing valuable insights on title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements, and managing disputes related to the property. She ensured that all aspects were covered under relevant laws such as Section 48A of the Transfer of Property Act which defines transfer of ownership.

    Her expertise in civil litigation matters also came in handy when we encountered contractual disputes related to the sale agreement. Her representation proved to be effective in resolving these issues without wasting any time or resources.

    In addition to this, Kavita is well-versed with inheritance and succession laws relating to NRIs. She advised me on how best to prepare my will according to the Indian Succession Act and how it should include nomination details so that there would be no dispute among legal heirs about asset distribution later on if anything untoward happened.

    I also found her knowledge about corporate law quite impressive as she guided me through some complex transactions involving mergers and acquisitions between companies based both locally and internationally. Her understanding of compliance requirements such as FDI policies under Companies Act 2013 kept things smooth sailing throughout our discussions .

    Overall, I highly recommend Kavita Bhatia’s services for anyone seeking legal assistance concerning any matter mentioned above regarding their rights or interests within India’s jurisdiction because she provides comprehensive guidance while ensuring compliance with applicable laws repeatedly proving herself as trustworthy counsel.

  6. I had the pleasure of working with Kavita Bhatia from NRI Legal Services, and I must say that she is a highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who provided me with exceptional legal services. Being an NRI, I was facing some property disputes back in India, and Kavita helped me navigate through the complexities of Property Law.

    She conducted thorough due diligence on my behalf, verifying all titles related to the immovable property in question. She drafted legally sound agreements and assisted me throughout the acquisition process. Her expertise also came in handy when there were disputes regarding ownership rights.

    Kavita’s grasp of Matrimonial and Family Law is commendable too. She guided me through every step while dealing with a cross-border matrimonial issue involving child custody, alimony, and maintenance claims from my former spouse as per relevant sections of law.

    Furthermore, her professional guidance in Inheritance matters led to smooth asset transitions among legal heirs as per laws governing succession and wills – this made life much easier for us.Needless to say,she has carved out extensive experience within civil litigation matters as well – which we encountered during our family dispute resolution procedures.She never faltered even under pressure,and offered us comprehensive representation both inside as well outside courtrooms

    I found Kavita’s command over Criminal Litigation law immense; I felt reassured that someone like her was representing me during this complicated process when I got caught up unfairly by “accusations” negotiated by cunning individuals abusing their power of influence.Her aptitude in Corporate &Commercial law is equally impessive.Kavita helped set up my venture after studying various regulations applicable while assuring administrative compliance.

    Besides these major issues affecting NRIs,Kavita proved her calibre readily advising areas such taxation obligations,banking&finances,intellectual property,promoting ADR applications etc.This showcased how simple yet effective solutions can save time,money & energy.Her grasp of immigration law ensured that I received my work permit smoothly and without any delay.

    In conclusion, Kavita Bhatia is a highly skilled lawyer with immense knowledge in various areas of law. Her legal expertise and attention to detail have been instrumental in resolving my legal disputes efficiently. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to other NRIs who may require assistance in navigating the complexities of Indian laws.

  7. As a non-resident Indian, I was facing some complicated legal issues related to my ancestral property in India. Fortunately, I came across Kavita Bhatia, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. With her vast experience and expertise in Property Law, she assisted me in matters related to the acquisition, sale, transfer, and management of immovable properties.

    Kavita Bhatia ensured that all the legal requirements were met while carrying out title verification and due diligence before finalizing any agreements related to my property. She also provided guidance on resolving property disputes through mediation or litigation under relevant laws such as The Transfer of Property Act 1882.

    Furthermore, she helped me with Inheritance and Succession matters by providing advice on wills and probate laws under the Indian Succession Act 1925. She handled every aspect of succession law so that assets are distributed among legal heirs smoothly without any conflicts.

    In addition to Property Law and Inheritance law, Kavita Bhatia possesses excellent skills when it comes to Matrimonial & Family law sections based on Hindu Marriage Act 1955 & Special Marriage Act 1954. She guided me through complex cross-border matrimonial disputes concerning divorce-related issues like child custody agreements or payment for alimony via mutual settlements or arbitration.

    One thing that impressed me about Kavita was her detailed knowledge of Civil Litigation Laws under Code Of Civil Procedure(CPC) ensuring comprehensive representation before courts when required during contractual disputes or recovery suits filed against me within India’s jurisdictional boundaries.

    Moreover with her wide understanding of Criminal Procedure Codes under CrPC sec185-212-B ,Sec295A-Sec504-she offered great assistance when needed while protecting my rights when accused of criminal offenses like defamation cases(Disturbance Of Public Peace), which requires careful navigation involving various complexities surrounding criminal trials

    Kavita has also assisted NRIs seeking Corporate & Commercial Legal Assistance in setting up Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, business formation & Corporate Governance with the help of Indian Companies Act 2013.

    Additionally, She has offered helpful suggestions and advice on Taxation Laws ensuring proper guidance on their tax obligations and compliance to regulations under sections like Income-Tax Act 1961 for NRIs earning income within India’s territorial jurisdiction

    She is instrumental in advising NRIs about all banking & financial matters as well. Her knowledge covers investments, asset management, loans and mortgages subject to RBI Guidelines issued time to time making sure that clients comply with any relevant regulations.

    Kavita also provided me expert assistance regarding Immigration Law by offering valuable insights regarding Permanent Residency holders’ rights (Overseas Citizens of India) PIOs- (Person Of Indian Origin) And visa-related issues concerning Citizenship under The Citizenship Act 1955 explained under Foreigner Laws Consular Access Rules 2021 etc.

    Lastly Kavita Bhatia’s expertise in safeguarding Intellectual Property Rights was commendable guiding me while protecting my creations from infringement or copying through Patents act 1970 TradeMarks act1999 , Copyrights Amendment Code etc., providing a solid legal foundation from which I could build upon confidently.

    Overall Kavita Bhatia’s vast breadth of experience across multiple aspects of law proved invaluable during our interactions she gave excellent legal advice straightforwardly minimizing confusion and ambiguity throughout every step making it easy for an NRI like myself who needed exceptional counsel at affordable rates.

  8. I recently had the privilege of working with Kavita Bhatia, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. I was seeking legal assistance in inheritance and succession matters, and Ms. Bhatia proved to be an invaluable resource throughout the entire process.

    Firstly, I appreciated her thorough knowledge of Indian laws related to inheritance and succession. She guided me through various legal provisions and sections relevant to my case and ensured that I understood every step of the process.

    Secondly, Ms. Bhatia’s attention to detail was impressive as she conducted extensive due diligence on my behalf, including verifying all titles associated with my property under Section 32 of The Specific Relief Act 1963. This gave me great confidence that she would leave no stone unturned in resolving any disputes involving legal heirs or other interested parties.

    Thirdly, Ms. Bhatia’s expertise did not only stop at the law itself but also included an understanding of courtroom procedures under Section 151 of The Civil Procedure Code 1908 when necessary for litigation proceedings where we need urgent interim reliefs pending adjudication.

    Lastly, what impressed me most about Ms. Bhatia was her compassionate approach towards clients like myself dealing with sensitive family issues such as wills and probate disputes; this made all discussions very comfortable while ensuring everything proceeded within prescribed laws for which there are numerous references such as Sections 213-232A, Chapter II Part X Titled “Probate And Letters Of Administration” under Indian Succession Act (ISA) ,1925

    In conclusion, I highly recommend Kavita Bhatia to anyone needing assistance with INR Legal Services across different areas such as inheritance & succession cases along with other provisions that come into picture such as Hindu Succession Act or Muslim Personal Law (Shariah) if applicable.”

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