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  1. As an NRI, I was facing a lot of legal complexities in matters related to property acquisition and management in my home country. However, all my worries came to an end when I approached Manish Desai who is associated with the law firm ‘NRI Legal Services’ in Chandigarh. He not only understood the intricacies of my case but also guided me through each step with utmost professionalism.

    Being well-versed in property laws like Transfer of Property Act 1882 and Registration Act 1908, he carefully reviewed all important documents related to the property transaction and provided me with legal advice that helped me make informed decisions. Mr.Desai’s exceptional skills in drafting agreements helped me secure good deals for myself without any hassle.

    Furthermore, he also assisted me in resolving a longstanding dispute regarding my inherited property under Succession Law by providing sound legal opinions on Indian Succession Act 1925 provisions related to inheritance and probate process obligations.

    His knowledge extends far beyond just these areas as he has expertise across various other domains including Matrimonial & Family Law (Hindu Marriage Act 1955), Taxation Laws (Income Tax Act) and Banking & Finance Regulations which made him an effective problem solver even when the complexities increased during trials at Court or Tribunals such as Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum etc.

    I must commend his communication skills too – He always took time out from his busy schedule to explain the implications of different sections/acts such as Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) or Section 138 Negotiable Instruments Act which were relevant to my case; this really put all doubts to rest.

    With his experience assisting NRIs like myself, Mr.Manish Desai proved himself invaluable during tough times especially while dealing with cross-border issues where cases can quickly become quite challenging due to differences between countries’ laws & regulations governing contractual disputes, patent/copyright infringement issues etc.

    In conclusion, I would strongly recommend Mr.Manish Desai if you’re looking for a reliable, experienced and effective lawyer in Chandigarh to assist with legal matters affecting NRIs.

  2. I recently worked with a lawyer at NRI Legal Services, based in Chandigarh, named Manish Desai. I was an Non Resident Indian (NRI) seeking legal guidance on Property Law matters related to the sale of immovable properties in my home country. Mr. Desai was extremely knowledgeable and professional, guiding me through every step of the process – from title verification to due diligence to drafting agreements.

    The lawyer patiently explained all relevant laws and sections related to my matter, including those concerning property disputes and management under the Transfer of Property Act 1882. He also ensured that I had a comprehensive understanding of all legal requirements and obligations associated with selling immovable property as an NRI.

    One of the aspects that most impressed me about working with Mr. Desai was his attention to detail when reviewing important documents such as sale deeds and power of attorneys for transfer of property ownerships. His knowledge regarding Government policies framed by State Governments for NRIs made it easy for me navigate through their complexities without any hassle or confusion.

    In addition, he provided necessary support during negotiations on terms & conditions among parties involved in transaction.

    Overall, I highly recommend working with Manish Desai at NRI Legal Services if you are an NRI looking for expertise in Property Law related issues like acquisition or transfer/sale procedures involving Immovable Assets anywhere within India’s diverse geography.. His professionalism, expertise in legal matters pertaining to NRIs will certainly minimize your exposure while safeguarding your rights under applicable laws & regulations set forth by various authorities across India’s states jurisdiction!

  3. I am extremely pleased to write a testimonial for Manish Desai from NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. I approached Mr. Desai when I was facing a complicated property dispute in my home country. He provided me expert guidance and assistance in navigating the complexities of Indian Property Law, including Title Verification, due diligence, drafting agreements and resolving disputes among legal heirs.

    Mr. Desai’s deep understanding of the law helped me obtain a favorable outcome in my case by skillfully presenting relevant sections of the law during court proceedings. His attention to detail and thorough approach ensured that no stone was left unturned while preparing for our case.

    Furthermore, Mr. Desai made sure that he kept me informed throughout every step of the process and explained everything clearly so I could understand it even though I don’t have any background knowledge on this matter.

    Overall, his professionalism, competence and dedication is unparalleled when handling complex legal matters like mine. If you are looking for someone who has extensive knowledge across multiple areas such as Matrimonial & Family Law or Estate Planning then Manish Desai is your guy!

    Thank you again Mr. Desai for all your help!

  4. I recently had the pleasure of working with Manish Desai from NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. As a Non Resident Indian (NRI), I was facing several legal issues in my home country related to property disputes and inheritance matters. Mr. Desai’s vast knowledge and expertise in Property Law, Inheritance and Succession, Civil Litigation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution helped me navigate through these complexities with ease.

    Mr. Desai provided sound legal advice regarding title verification, due diligence, drafting of agreements, and successfully represented me in various civil litigation matters involving contractual disputes and recovery suits under relevant law sections. His attention to detail ensured that all documents were accurately prepared before presenting them before courts or tribunals.

    Additionally, he also assisted me with immigration-related matters such as permanent residency requirements under the Immigration Law section while ensuring compliance with tax regulations related to banking transactions under Banking & Finance law.

    What impressed me most about Mr. Desai was his commitment to addressing my concerns promptly by keeping constant communication throughout the process. He provided me timely updates on any developments or changes regarding my case and ensured that I understood all aspects thoroughly.

    In conclusion, if you’re an NRI seeking expert guidance for your legal queries concerning Matrimonial & Family Law or Corporate & Commercial Law or Intellectual Property rights protection lawyer like Mr. Manish Desai can provide competent services while safeguarding your interests to resolve them efficiently within legal frameworks addressing every scenario possible at each step under relevant law sections.

    Thank you again for everything!

  5. I had the privilege of working with Manish Desai from NRI Legal Services for my property dispute, and I cannot recommend him enough. Mr. Desai’s expertise in property law is truly impressive and his professionalism throughout the process was exceptional.

    He meticulously went through all relevant documents to ensure that every detail related to title verification, due diligence, and drafting of agreements were properly addressed. He explained all relevant sections pertaining to my case clearly and made sure that I was aware of what was happening at each stage.

    Mr. Desai’s attention to detail was exemplary as he took great care in analyzing every document related to my case before proceeding with any further action. His vast knowledge of civil litigation laws helped me understand how best we could approach my situation.

    As an NRI navigating cross-border matrimonial issues can be emotionally challenging; however, Mr. Desai’s thoroughness in matrimonial law enabled me to make informed decisions regarding divorce proceedings, child custody battles as well as matters relating to maintenance and alimony.

    What impressed me most about Mr. Desai was his commitment towards resolving the matter amicably without dragging it into a prolonged legal battle which would have taken a personal toll on everyone involved.

    I highly recommend anyone seeking legal advice concerning inheritance, taxation or banking and finance matters involving NRIs consults Manish Desai at NRI Legal Services for his expert guidance on these complex topics.

    Overall, I found Mr. Desai’s professionalism, expertise in property law , family law etc., strategic thinking combined with patience refreshing – traits one looks for when dealing with something so important as their hard-earned assets.”

  6. I recently had the pleasure of working with Manish Desai, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. As an NRI, I needed legal assistance with property law matters related to the transfer and management of my immovable properties back home. Mr. Desai was extremely knowledgeable about all applicable laws and regulations, including Section 13 of the Transfer of Property Act and Section 55A of the Indian Stamp Act.

    He assisted me with title verification and due diligence processes to ensure that there were no encumbrances on the property that could have caused problems down the line. His expertise was evident when drafting agreements for purchase/sale transactions, wherein he took into account every possible eventuality that may arise in future.

    Moreover, his guidance regarding preventative legal measures helped me avoid potential disputes regarding land boundaries and easements. In case any legal issues occurred in such matters or any other property disputes we faced, he represented me comprehensively throughout court proceedings.

    The level of professionalism exhibited by Mr.Desai during our interactions left nothing to chance – I felt assured knowing that his expert advice would help protect my interests as an NRI who can not visit India frequently enough for these affairs personally.

    I found him to be highly responsive when responding to my queries either over phone messages or e-mail correspondence.He made sure I understood every detail involved within each transaction from start to finish so I could make informed decisions on how best it suited mine & family’s needs.

    Overall, working with Manish Desai has been an incredibly positive experience; he is a dedicated professional who provides exceptional service across multiple areas of practice beyond just ‘Property Law’. Whether one requires services in Matrimonial/Family Law or Banking/Finance law domains too,his acumen stands true towards providing desired outcomes through proposed solutions while being ethical yet lucidly communicating limits & benefits well projected under relevant sections like Hindu Marriage Act (1955), Foreign Exchange Management Act, Companies Act etc.

    Overall a highly recommended legal expert in Chandigarh NRI community, who works towards providing the best possible legal guidance to all clients.

  7. I had the pleasure of working with Manish Desai, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. As an NRI myself, I sought out his assistance for matters related to Property Law and can confidently say that he is an expert in this area.

    Manish assisted me with the acquisition of a property back home and ensured that all necessary due diligence was carried out to verify the title of the property in accordance with Section 55 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882. He also drafted agreements ensuring that my interests were protected under Section 17(1) of the Indian Registration Act, 1908. In addition, he guided me through any property disputes that arose as well.

    His expertise extends beyond just Property Law though. Manish is well-versed in Matrimonial and Family Law matters as well. It’s reassuring knowing that someone like him has got your back when it comes to such complex issues as divorce or child custody – areas which are governed by specific legislation like Hindu Marriage Act, 1955; Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956; etc.

    Furthermore, I found him extremely helpful when it came to inheritance-related issues too. His knowledge about probate laws (Succession Certificate vs Letter Of Administration vs Will), inter-generational transfer of assets is commendable.

    What sets Manish apart from others is his ability to provide comprehensive legal representation on various matters such as Civil Litigation (Contractual Disputes under Section10 &11of India Contract Act), Corporate and Commercial law (Joint Ventures under Foreign Exchange Management act) , Taxes (Section 44AB Tax audit under Income Tax act) among others.

    Overall I would highly recommend Mr. Desai’s legal services for any NRI seeking professional advice on any matter related to Indian legal systems be it criminal litigation or immigration law amongst many other areas mentioned above at “NRI Legal Services”.

  8. I am writing this testimonial for Manish Desai, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. I reached out to Mr. Desai with regards to a property dispute that I was facing in my home country, and he provided me with comprehensive legal representation every step of the way.

    Mr. Desai’s expertise in Property Law is evident from his attention to detail and thoroughness throughout the process. He assisted me with title verification and due diligence, ensuring that no aspect of my case was left unaddressed. His drafting of agreements was meticulous, ensuring that all aspects were covered within the ambit of relevant laws and sections.

    I found Mr. Desai’s guidance and advice extremely helpful when it came to Matrimonial and Family Law matters as well since they can be quite complex especially while dealing with cross-border disputes such as divorce or child custody cases.

    His knowledge about inheritance law has also helped many NRIs like myself manage succession planning, wills & probate issues effectively without any disputes among legal heirs which would otherwise have been difficult without his assistance.

    What impressed me most about Mr. Desai is his ability to represent clients in both Civil Litigation—his experience enabled him to provide thorough legal representation on contractual disputes—and Criminal Litigation where he defended our rights against accusations made by others under criminal offenses navigating complexities of criminal laws making sure we get a fair trial.

    He has helped NRIs navigate the complexities of corporate and commercial law including mergers & acquisitions; joint ventures; commercial transactions etc through expert guidance and advising us on banking & financial matters such as mortgages investments Asset management adhering always maintaining compliance standards so that our interests are safe guarded under Financial regulations.

    Furthermore, his detailed knowledge regarding immigration-related matters including citizenship permanent residency or work permits which are highly critical decisions for NRIs ensured that everything went smoothly during these processes during my time working abroad

    By protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of NRIs, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets he has helped safeguard creative works from infringement.

    Lastly, Mr. Desai’s ability in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as arbitration or negotiation which proved cost-effective & efficient methods for resolving legal disputes is highly commendable.

    Overall, I am grateful to have had Mr. Desai representing me throughout my legal matters as an NRI and would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking guidance on any legal issues concerning the various areas of law mentioned above. His knowledge of relevant laws and sections combined with his experience in navigating complex legal scenarios truly distinguishes him as a top-tier attorney in this field.

  9. I highly recommend Manish Desai and the team at NRI Legal Services for their exceptional legal services. As a Non Resident Indian (NRI), I approached Mr. Desai for assistance with property law matters related to the acquisition of immovable properties in my home country. He provided me with comprehensive legal representation and took care of all aspects, including title verification, due diligence, drafting of agreements, and property disputes.

    Mr. Desai’s expertise in property law is commendable as he guided me through every step of the process while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and sections such as The Transfer of Property Act 1882 and The Registration Act 1908. He also provided me with valuable advice on inheritance matters concerning succession, wills, and probate.

    In addition to his proficiency in property law matters, Mr. Desai also assisted me in navigating cross-border matrimonial and family law complexities such as divorce proceedings under Section 13B Hindu Marriage Act 1955 while holding my interests paramount.

    His extensive knowledge extends beyond these areas into corporate governance , mergers & acquisitions via Companies act 2013 Sec 372a(1). I am impressed by his professionalism not just limited to aforementioned fields but has proficient command over various other domains like taxation which covers Income-tax act section say sec-6 or even immigration-related issues such that Citizenship act section -4(B).

    Overall, I was extremely satisfied with Manish Desai’s legal services at NRI Legal Services. His understanding of the NRIs situation combined with his vast experience always ensured that he found creative solutions tailored specifically to my circumstances.He represented me effectively before courts when necessary or using alternative dispute resolution namely arbitration pursuant to Arbitration & Conciliation Act1996 enabled fair separation from certain business partners . Thanks again Manish!

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