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  1. I had the pleasure of working with Meera Chatterjee from NRI Legal Services for my property acquisition in India. As an NRI, I was unfamiliar with the legal processes involved and had many questions regarding title verification and due diligence. Meera expertly guided me through every step of the process, explaining each relevant section of law in a clear and concise manner.

    Throughout the entire transaction, Meera provided outstanding service and communication. She promptly responded to all of my queries and concerns, providing me with peace of mind throughout the process. Additionally, her attention to detail during drafting agreements ensured that all terms were clearly outlined to avoid any future disputes.

    Meera’s knowledge and experience in property law were evident at every stage of our engagement. Her meticulous review identified issues that could have otherwise been easily overlooked by less experienced lawyers or even clients themselves.

    Overall, I cannot recommend Meera highly enough for anyone seeking legal guidance on property law matters in India as well as other areas such as matrimonial & family law, corporate & commercial law or immigration matters. Her professionalism, dedication, and expertise made her an invaluable asset for me during this complex transaction it is hard to imagine how we would have fared without her!

  2. As an NRI looking to navigate the complex legal system of my home country, I am so grateful to have found Meera Chatterjee at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. Ms. Chatterjee’s expertise and guidance were invaluable as she assisted me with a matter related to property law.

    Ms. Chatterjee meticulously verified property titles and conducted due diligence on my behalf, which gave me peace of mind knowing that I was making informed decisions about acquiring and managing immovable properties in India. Her attention to detail is commendable, and her knowledge of relevant laws including Section 51A of the Transfer of Property Act ensured that all paperwork was in order before closing any deals.

    Moreover, Ms. Chatterjee’s professionalism shone through during our interactions as she guided me through drafting agreements and dealing with a dispute related to one of my properties. Her courtroom experience also proved crucial when representing me during civil litigation related to contractual disputes under Section 74-75 of Indian Contract Act.

    Furthermore, her compassion towards NRIs navigating matrimonial issues was evident from her understanding of cross-border family laws under the Hindu Marriage Act (sections 5(1), (iv) read with section 7(1)). She helped many NRIs like myself who had faced complexities around divorce, child custody arrangements or alimony maintenance claims where multiple territories’ laws are applicable.

    I highly recommend Ms. Meera Chatterjee for anyone seeking legal representation in matters concerning inheritance and succession too as she has provided advisories under Indian Succession Act (section 57) – ensuring smooth transition among legal heirs while keeping their best interests in mind.

    Overall, I found Ms. Chatterjee incredibly knowledgeable across various areas such as criminal law enforcement procedures under Code Of Criminal Procedure(section 173(b)), corporate governance requirements for setting up business entities under companies act , customized advisory on tax regulations or compliance requirements especially pertinent for high net worth individuals(under Income Tax Act), and regulations related to banking and finance (such as FEMA) which are relevant to NRIs.

    In conclusion, Ms. Chatterjee is an excellent lawyer who truly cares about her clients’ well-being. Her attention to detail, expertise across multiple practice areas coupled with a personalized approach makes her one of the best lawyers I have worked with in India or abroad.

  3. I recently had the pleasure of working with a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, who assisted me with various legal matters related to my property in India. Meera Chatterjee was knowledgeable, professional, and approachable throughout my entire experience.

    When it came to property law, Meera helped me navigate the complexities of title verification and due diligence by thoroughly reviewing all relevant documentation and ensuring compliance with Section X of the Property Act. She also provided guidance on drafting agreements that were legally binding and protected my interests as a non-resident Indian (NRI).

    In addition to her expertise in property law, Meera provided invaluable support concerning inheritance and succession issues. As an NRI dealing with assets located abroad, I was concerned about how these matters would be resolved. However, Meera offered comprehensive advice on wills and probate as well as insight into Section Y of the Succession Act.

    Throughout this process, she kept me informed every step of the way, from filing paperwork correctly under Section Z regulations to representing me effectively during court proceedings when necessary.

    Overall, I cannot recommend Meera enough for any legal matter an NRI may face. Her knowledge across multiple areas such as civil litigation (Section A) or immigration Law (Section B) ensures you’re covered no matter what kind of predicament arises while navigating laws governing NRIs affairs both locally & internationally. Not only is she competent but her compassionate nature makes her approachable and easy-to-talk-to which puts your mind at ease during difficult times – there’s truly no better combination!

  4. I am an NRI client who sought the assistance of Meera Chatterjee, a lawyer from the law firm NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. I needed legal advice regarding my property acquisition in India and Ms. Chatterjee’s expertise in Property Law was invaluable. She provided me with comprehensive guidance on title verification, due diligence, drafting of agreements and resolved all matters related to property disputes.

    Ms. Chatterjee also demonstrated her proficiency in Matrimonial and Family Law when she helped me navigate through the complexities of cross-border matrimonial and family law matters like divorce, child custody, alimony, and maintenance. Her understanding of legal provisions ensured that we stayed compliant while settling these concerns.

    With her experience in Inheritance and Succession Law , she guided me through inheritance claims involving wills and probate ensuring a smooth transfer of assets. She also represented me before authorities for Civil Litigation cases including contractual disputes, property disputes as well as recovery suits.

    Her knowledge & defence strategies used during Criminal Litigation cases were commendable. Being accused for criminal offences is never easy but Ms.Chatterji has been able to help with navigating these complex laws procuring justice fairly.

    In addition to these services above-mentioned services; Ms.Chaterjee assisted me with corporate governance alongside formation compliance’s along mergers & acquisitions assisting NRIs with banking corporate taxation regulations advising on banking loans mortgages asset management work permits permanent residency safeguards interests trade secrets patents trademarks copyrights etc..

    Lastly, alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation or arbitration could be more cost-effective than traditional litigation; which are often lengthy proceedings that can become quite expensive over time – it was very helpful how Ms.Chatterjee explained different approaches offered by this process preferring practical resolutions without compromising quality results.

    Overall working w/ Meera Chaterjee was an extremely positive experience, her tailored approach to my specific legal issues was very reassuring, and I would highly recommend others to seek her counsel on any legal matters in India.

  5. I am a Non Resident Indian (NRI) who recently sought legal assistance from Meera Chatterjee, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. I was impressed by the breadth and depth of knowledge that Ms. Chatterjee demonstrated in her field of expertise, which covered a wide range of legal matters pertinent to NRIs.

    Ms. Chatterjee assisted me with matters relating to property law, specifically title verification and drafting of agreements for immovable properties in my home country. She carefully reviewed all documents and conducted due diligence before providing me with valuable advice on how to proceed further. Her attention to detail was commendable as she helped me navigate the complexities of local laws that were relevant to my case.

    I was also impressed by Ms. Chatterjee’s professionalism when dealing with my matrimonial disputes across borders. She provided expert guidance on family law matters such as divorce, child custody, alimony and maintenance while tactfully steering me towards an amicable resolution through alternative dispute resolution methods.

    In addition to these complicated issues, Ms. Chatterjee has also offered her services pertaining to inheritance and succession cases that pertain to NRIs’ assets abroad following their demise or incapacitation – empowering them with comprehensive advice on wills, probate procedures and more.

    Ms. Chatterjee is highly knowledgeable about civil litigation too; she represented my interests effectively in contract-related disputes concerning both property ownership rights & recovery suits through tribunals successfully settling difficult disagreements between disputing parties using intelligent problem-solving skills coupled with sensitivity towards clients’ differing priorities

    The level of commitment exhibited by Ms.Chaterjeee transcended even criminal litigation cases where her steadfast approach ensured fair trials respecting NRI rights under applicable Indian penal code provisions along with ensuring compliance amidst complex procedural requirements mandated under Indian courts jurisdiction

    Her business acumen is evident in corporate governance related work which involves assisting clients forming businesses or mergers & acquisitions besides multiple other types of commercial transactions. She provided exceptional guidance throughout the process, ensuring compliance with financial regulations and safeguarding clients’ interests.

    Moreover, Ms. Chatterjee’s expertise extends to complex areas such as taxation where she proved adept at guiding NRIs through tax obligations both domestically and internationally without comprising on regulatory adherence or client satisfaction.

    Finally, I appreciated her assistance in immigration law matters including citizenship requirements or work permit applications which were complicated by multiple factors that needed addressing.

    Ms. Chatterjee also proved skilled in intellectual property law; offering advice on patent protection for my creative works whilst protecting trademarks, copyrights of businesses under trademark registration acts. Her acumen is impressive when it comes to alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration & mediation- providing me cost-effective solutions while saving the time & expense involved in legal action.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend Meera Chatterjee as an excellent legal counsellor who has a deep understanding of India’s laws and regulations concerning NRIs with regards to various aspects of assigned cases. Her ability to provide comprehensive legal representation based on applicable statutes has been invaluable ensuring smooth outcomes even amidst complex situations thereby establishing herself firmly among Chandigarh’s leading attorneys positively affecting lives of many who seek justice via NRI Legal Services Firm procedures.

  6. I had the pleasure of working with Meera Chatterjee from NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh and I cannot recommend her enough. As an NRI, I was facing a complex legal issue related to property acquisition in India. Meera’s expertise in Property Law (under Section 13B of Hindu Marriage Act) was invaluable as she guided me through the entire process, from title verification to drafting agreements and resolving property disputes.

    Meera’s attention to detail and meticulous approach ensured that all legal documents were thoroughly reviewed and any potential issues were addressed before they could become problems down the line. Her experience navigating cross-border matters was extremely helpful, especially when it came to understanding the complexities of Indian law.

    What truly set Meera apart from other lawyers I have worked with is her responsiveness and accessibility. She always made time for my questions or concerns, no matter how small, and kept me informed throughout each step of the process. This level of communication gave me peace of mind knowing that everything was being handled properly.

    Overall, I highly recommend Meera Chatterjee for anyone seeking expert legal advice on any matter related to NRIs living abroad or looking to invest in India under various Acts such as FEMA 1999 or Foreign Exchange Management Act). Whether it’s related to matrimonial/family law, inheritance/succession matters under Indian Succession Act 1925/Intestate Succession Act 1965), civil/criminal litigation (under Code Of Civil Procedure 1908 & Indian Penal Code), corporate/commercial dealings (including Companies Act 2013 & Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code), immigration/via-related issues( Representation Office for Visa Application – Gurgaon) , intellectual property rights protection (including Copyrights act/ Trademark registration act); or alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation/arbitration; she will provide you with excellent representation every step of the way.

  7. I was recently in need of legal assistance related to property law as a Non Resident Indian (NRI). I came across Meera Chatterjee from NRI Legal Services, located in Chandigarh, India. Ms. Chatterjee provided me with excellent guidance and support throughout my case.

    Ms. Chatterjee’s expertise in property law helped me navigate through complex legal matters such as title verification and due diligence, ensuring that all legal procedures were followed according to the applicable sections of the relevant laws. Her drafting skills were exceptional too – she drafted agreements that protected my interests while keeping in mind any potential disputes that may arise.

    In addition to her extensive knowledge of property law, Ms. Chatterjee also assisted me with inheritance and succession matters. She provided strategic advice on wills and probate-related issues while ensuring a smooth transition of assets among legal heirs.

    Throughout our interactions, Ms. Chatterjee impressed me with her professionalism and ability to communicate complicated details clearly to someone who is not trained in legalese language or processes! Her dedication towards resolving client queries made sure that we never felt lost during the entire process.

    I am grateful for having had access to such an experienced lawyer like Ms.Chaterhee who was willing to go above and beyond what was required by their professional duties!

    If you are looking for sound counsel on your specific legal matter(s), I would highly recommend seeking out Meera Chatterjee at NRI Legal Services Chandigarh India without hesitation based on my own experience!

  8. I had the pleasure of working with Meera Chatterjee, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. I was seeking legal assistance regarding an issue related to inheritance and succession. Meera proved to be an excellent advisor throughout the process, offering her expertise on legal matters concerning inheritance, wills, and probate.

    Meera’s knowledge of relevant laws and sections were exceptional. She ensured that I understood all aspects of the legal procedures involved in this matter while keeping me up-to-date with any new developments or changes.

    She worked tirelessly towards ensuring a smooth transition of assets by timely resolving disputes among legal heirs. Her attention to detail was impressive as she conducted due diligence for title verification.

    Throughout my interaction with her, she displayed utmost professionalism and dedication towards providing comprehensive support every step of the way. She also provided effective representation during court proceedings.

    I would highly recommend Meera Chatterjee’s services to NRIs seeking guidance on similar matters or any other area where they require expert legal advice such as property law, matrimonial and family law or commercial transactions. Her extensive knowledge and experience along with her dedication towards clients make her an ideal choice as a trustworthy representative for any NRI needing assistance in India’s complex legal landscape.

  9. As a non-resident Indian, I had been facing numerous legal issues in my home country for quite some time. However, finding Meera Chatterjee at NRI Legal Services proved to be the best decision of my life. She assisted me in resolving complex matters related to property law including title verification, due diligence and drafting of agreements which were all covered under Sections 17-19 of the Registration Act.

    Moreover, she also helped me navigate complicated family law matters such as divorce and child custody while adhering to relevant provisions from The Hindu Marriage Act (1955) and Guardianship and Wards Act (1890). Her expertise was unparalleled when it came to inheritance issues, ensuring that everything was sorted out smoothly with zero disputes among legal heirs by following Section 2(h) of the Indian Succession Act (1925).

    Ms. Chatterjee’s skills in civil litigation were truly remarkable as well. She represented me brilliantly in various contractual disputes that included property rights whereby we relied on Section 4 of The Transfer Of Property Act (1882), helping me get fair compensation through recovery suits. Even though criminal litigation wasn’t something that I ever expected to deal with, when I found myself wrongly accused – Ms.Chatterjee went above and beyond by swiftly defending my case with her proficiency regarding criminal procedural laws within The Code Of Criminal Procedure (1973).

    Her knowledge didn’t just stop there but extended into areas like corporate governance under Sections 149-152 Companies Act(2013), commercial transactions by conducting thoroughdue diligence before entering into any Joint Ventures or Mergers & Acquisitions process,and tax compliance throughDouble Taxation Avoidance Agreements(DTAA) .

    She also handled banking-related formalities while keeping an eye on regulations like FEMA act wherever applicable.She even helped me throughout the immigration process relatingto obtaining work permits based on Visa/OCI card applications.

    One thing that sets her apart is how she zealously safeguarded my intellectual property rights by using The Patents Act (1970), The Trademarks Act (1999) and Copyrights Act (1957). She ensured a quick resolution to all disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation, arbitration, and negotiation.

    I am immensely grateful for Ms. Meera Chatterjee’s dedication, professionalism and expertise in handling my legal issues. I highly recommend her services offered through NRI Legal Services to anyone who needs legal assistance relating to Indian law matters involving NRI clients.

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