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  1. “I am an NRI who was facing a complex property dispute in my home country. Thankfully, I found Priyanka Nair from NRI Legal Services, who helped me navigate the intricacies of property law and resolved the matter in my favor. With her expertise in title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements, and representing clients in courts and tribunals under relevant laws such as Section 53A of Transfer of Property Act 1882 and Section 14(1) of Hindu Succession Act 1956, she ensured that all legal aspects were taken care of without any hassle.

    Priyanka’s attention to detail and dedication towards achieving the best possible outcome for clients like myself is truly commendable. Her knowledge on cross-border matrimonial issues under laws like The Foreign Marriage Act 1969 and Indian Divorce Act made it easier for me to navigate through a difficult time with ease. She also provided guidance on succession matters concerning inheritance rights blending provisions from Hindu Law as well Muslim law which was crucial during the probate process.

    Her approach towards client representation is clear-cut and transparent – she keeps you informed at every step while ensuring your interests are protected throughout. Additionally, her experience handling taxation matters under Income Tax Act enabled us to take pragmatic decisions without worrying about regulatory hurdles.

    Overall I would highly recommend Priyanka Nair from NRI Legal Services to NRIs seeking comprehensive legal support across numerous areas including corporate governance issues arising out business arrangements governed by Company Law regulations or IP related disputes based on section 48(b) Trade Marks act or section(s)4 &5 Patents act among other things.”

  2. I recently had the pleasure of working with Priyanka Nair, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. As an NRI myself, I was facing legal issues related to property acquisition in my home country and needed expert guidance on title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements and resolving disputes.

    Ms. Nair provided tremendous support throughout the entire process. She demonstrated an impressive knowledge of relevant property laws and sections that are essential for NRIs like me seeking legal assistance back home. She prioritized my best interests and ensured that all aspects of the transaction were handled professionally and ethically.

    I appreciated Ms. Nair’s thorough approach to addressing my concerns, as well as her attention to detail when reviewing contract documents. She helped resolve disputes amicably that saved me both time and money – which is a priority for any person engaging in these types of transactions.

    Overall, I highly recommend Ms. Nair for her exceptional client service skills coupled with deep understanding across multiple areas including Property Law (Sections 44-A & 48), Corporate Law (Section 378) & Taxation (Section 115E). Her warmth, dedication to helping clients succeed and expertise in navigating cross-border legal matters made all the difference in achieving a positive outcome.

    Thank you Priyanka!

  3. I recently had the pleasure of working with Priyanka Nair from NRI Legal Services, a professional and experienced lawyer based in Chandigarh. She helped me navigate through the complexities of Property Law, specifically assisting me in matters related to the sale and transfer of my immovable property in India.

    Priyanka was diligent and thorough in her approach, ensuring that she carried out a detailed title verification as per relevant sections under Indian law. Her expertise was evident from her ability to identify potential legal pitfalls and provide prompt solutions. She also drafted agreements meticulously, covering all necessary clauses for a smooth transaction.

    Her exceptional communication skills were noteworthy – she kept me informed at every stage of the process while handling all documentation requirements efficiently by email or online platforms per Section 10A(1) (a) & (b) under The Information Technology Act 2000.

    Throughout the entire process, I felt reassured that my interests were being safeguarded due to Priyanka’s professionalism and attention to detail – an essential quality when dealing with cross-border transactions involving NRIs such as myself.

    I highly recommend Priyanka and her team at NRI Legal Services for any legal matter concerning NRIs in India. Whether you require assistance with matrimonial disputes or inheritance-related matters governed by Section 5(i) & (ii) under Hindu Succession Act or Criminal Litigation involving Domestic Violence cases that fall under Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence Act; they have extensive experience across various areas of law including Corporate Law, Taxation Law & Immigration Law among others. Their dedication to providing comprehensive services combined with their deep understanding of Indian laws makes them an invaluable asset for NRIs seeking legal guidance for any issue!

  4. I recently had the pleasure of working with Priyanka Nair, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. As an NRI, I was facing a complex legal issue related to property law and was unsure about what my options were. However, Ms. Nair’s expertise made all the difference.

    Ms. Nair assisted me with several matters related to the acquisition and transfer of immovable properties in India, including title verification and due diligence as well as drafting agreements that complied with relevant sections of Indian Property Law. She also helped me resolve a dispute related to my property that would have otherwise been very challenging to navigate without her guidance.

    One thing that stood out during my experience working with Ms. Nair is her dedication and attention to detail when representing her clients’ best interests every step of the way – this became especially evident during our discussions regarding inheritance laws under Indian succession law.

    Ms. Nair has vast experience in other areas such as matrimonial law where she helps NRIs through divorce proceedings by ensuring they are aware of their rights related to child custody, alimony, and maintenance using The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or other relevant acts for different religions/communities; civil litigation where she provides comprehensive representation in courts for contractual disputes using The Contract Act 1872; criminal litigation where she defends NRIs accused of crimes under The Indian Penal Code provisions; immigration law which involves navigating the complexities surrounding citizenship petitions or work visas using provisions set forth under The Citizenship Act 1955 or others depending upon individual needs while remaining compliant with current regulations.

    Her knowledge extends beyond these areas into corporate governance issues such as business formation according to the Companies Act 2013; taxation-related concerns concerning domestic and international tax laws based on whether you’re resident/non-resident along-side adherence guidance provided by various regulatory bodies around compliance processes like Foreign Exchange Management Act (1999). Additionally, Ms.Nair’s assistance within banking and finance matters can be seen in advising on loans, mortgages, investments, and asset management while following the Reserve Bank of India regulations.

    In all my interactions with her, she displayed exceptional professionalism and ethics which made me feel confident that my legal issue was being handled by someone who was highly competent. Overall, I would highly recommend Ms.Nair to anyone requiring legal assistance within any of the areas mentioned above as well as intellectual property rights according to The Trade Marks Act 1999 or copyright laws using provisions established under The Copyright Act 1957. Finally, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation offer NRIs a more cost-effective way to resolve disputes which is something Priyanka is well equipped to handle having experience in arbitration & negotiation methods weighed against traditional litigation approaches.

  5. I am an NRI who needed legal assistance in matters related to property law, specifically regarding the transfer of immovable properties in my home country. That is when I approached Priyanka Nair, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services based in Chandigarh.

    Priyanka’s expertise and knowledge on property laws are remarkable. She helped me navigate through the complexities of title verification and due diligence while drafting agreements for transfer. Her meticulous approach and attention to detail gave me peace of mind during the entire process.

    Furthermore, she also provided top-notch representation in resolving a dispute that arose during the transfer by adeptly handling civil litigation matters under relevant sections of civil procedure code.

    I was impressed with Priyanka’s professionalism throughout my dealings with her. Besides being knowledgeable about legal proceedings and procedures, she consistently kept me updated on all developments concerning my case. Her friendly demeanor made it easy to communicate any concerns or queries I had promptly.

    Overall I had a smooth experience dealing with Priyanka from start to end, making sure that everything was well taken care of for me as an NRI client living abroad remotely. It is without hesitation that I recommend her services to anyone seeking expert advice or guidance on property law-related issues within India’s borders under specific sections like Transfer Of Property Act 1882, Registration Act 1908 etc., irrespective of their location or nationality as she makes sure every step is handled perfectly taking into consideration Indian Law Perspective along with International Laws applicable in such cases which makes the whole process seamless.”

  6. I had the pleasure of working with a lawyer from NRI Legal Services, based in Chandigarh, specifically Priyanka Nair. I initially approached her for legal advice on property disputes related to my ancestral land. The matter has been ongoing for several years and there seemed to be no resolution in sight.

    However, Ms. Nair’s expertise in Property Law (Section 53A of Transfer of Property Act) was evident as she provided me with detailed and insightful solutions that I hadn’t even considered before. She helped me through title verification (Section 55), due diligence (Section 111), drafting agreements (Section 54) and other legal considerations that needed attention.

    I later enlisted her help again when it came to preparing my will (Succession Act). As an Non Resident Indian, navigating the legal landscape back home can be daunting – however Ms.Nair made this process straightforward by making sure all relevant documents were prepared correctly according to law (Wills Act).

    Ms.Nair’s approachable demeanor coupled with her thorough knowledge of both the law and its practical implications ,helped me feel secure in knowing that every detail had been taken care of down to the last signature.

    Moreover, what sets Ms.Nair apart is her ability to see matters holistically beyond just litigation or court cases, which really worked well for me as we moved forward from mere discussions into actual actions at ground level.

    Overall she went above and beyond expectations & obligations giving valuable counsel while ensuring timely resolutions while being mindful about financial costs involved . Her dedication towards ensuring a fair deal was laudable .

    I highly recommend Priyanka Nair’s services to anyone looking for expert guidance on any aspect(s) mentioned above ,irrespective if you are situated locally or overseas– she is truly a professional who works hard and smart thereby instilling trust among those she serves !

  7. I recently had the pleasure of working with Priyanka Nair from NRI Legal Services on a property acquisition matter. Being an NRI, I was not familiar with the legal process in my home country and had concerns about acquiring immovable properties there. However, Ms. Nair’s expertise in Property Law put all my worries to rest as she assisted me through every step of the way.

    Ms. Nair carefully verified titles and conducted due diligence on my behalf, ensuring that I made an informed decision before signing any agreements. She also effectively resolved property disputes by applying relevant sections of Civil Litigation law without dragging it for long hearings which saved both time and money.

    Ms. Nair’s professionalism and attention to detail are truly unparalleled as she kept me informed throughout the entire process- making me feel comfortable and confident in her team’s ability to handle any unforeseen issues that arose.

    With Ms. Nair’s guidance, I was able to acquire my desired property without any complications smoothly – Thanks largely due to her knowledge of Inheritance & Succession laws – which helped prevent any future succession related disputes amongst legal heirs.

    I highly recommend seeking out Ms.Nair at NRI Legal Services if you are facing similar challenges or have other legal needs mentioned above like Corporate & Commercial Law or Intellectual Property rights protection etc., as she is sure to provide excellent service backed up with sound legal advice based upon relevant Laws such as provisions under Indian Penal Code (IPC) for Criminal Litigation cases ensuring a fair trial by defending individual client rights professionally while adhering strictly within the confines of banking regulations when providing Banking & Financial advice tailored specifically towards NRIs’ needs.”

  8. I had the pleasure of working with Priyanka Nair from NRI Legal Services on a property dispute matter that required her expertise in Property Law. Priyanka’s knowledge and understanding of the relevant laws and sections were impressive, which gave me confidence in her ability to handle my case.

    Her approach was extremely professional and effective, as she meticulously verified all titles related to the immovable property in question. She also helped me with due diligence, drafted agreements and provided guidance throughout the acquisition process. Her attention to detail was commendable, ensuring that there were no loopholes or oversights.

    Priyanka’s experience was valuable when negotiating between parties involved during an unexpected property transfer issue under Section 17 (1) of The Registration Act, 1908. She resolved it efficiently without further delays while keeping my interests at heart.

    The whole process went smoothly thanks to her efforts and dedication towards resolving this dispute outside court jurisdiction under section 89 CPC through mediation/debate proceedings as an Alternative Dispute Resolution method.

    Throughout our work together, Priyanka acted with utmost professionalism while maintaining clear communication channels between myself and any other parties involved.

    Without hesitation, I confidently recommend Priyanka Nair for anyone who requires assistance from lawyers specializing in Property Law matters who are experienced dealing with NRIs like myself; she is undoubtedly an expert in civil litigation disputes involving contractual matters & recovery suits segment too!

  9. I recently had the pleasure of working with Priyanka Nair, a lawyer in NRI Legal Services law firm in Chandigarh. As an NRI, I was facing multiple legal issues related to my property and it seemed like an uphill battle. However, Ms. Nair provided me with expert guidance and ensured that all my legal woes were taken care of.

    Ms. Nair is highly knowledgeable about the Property Laws in India and provided me with a thorough understanding of the relevant sections including Section 53A of Transfer of Property Act which dealt with protection for possession or right upon contract performance. She assisted me in title verification, due diligence and drafting legal agreements which gave me complete confidence in acquiring a new property.

    Moreover, she also helped me navigate complex Matrimonial and Family Law matters by advising on various aspects such as child custody, alimony/ maintenance under section 125 CrPC etc ensuring fair dealings between parties involved.

    In addition to this, I sought her advice on Inheritance & Succession related tax laws as well as Corporate & Commercial Law proceedings when faced with contractual disputes.

    What sets Ms. Nair apart from other lawyers is her ability to provide alternative dispute resolution through mediation or negotiation methods rather than traditional litigation which can be time-consuming and expensive under Civil Litigation process involving Contractual Disputes

    She has been extremely attentive throughout all these cases handling every detail meticulously while still being approachable at any point during the entire ordeal.

    Overall I am extremely grateful for her support during trying times where she brought rare combination skills together – expertise on one hand alongwith patience,carefulness,and good human qualities- making everything easily understandable keeping us informed about each step needed thereof.

    I would strongly recommend anyone looking for Legal services to contact Priyanka at NRI Legal Services for hassle-free solutions irrespective of whether they are facing Property Law hurdles or any other matter.

    Thank you so much!

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