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  1. I recently had the pleasure of working with Rohit Patel, an exceptional lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. I needed legal assistance with a complex property dispute issue that involved title verification, due diligence, and drafting agreements. Rohit’s expertise in Property Law was evident from his ability to navigate through the intricacies of my case and provide comprehensive legal representation.

    Throughout the process, Rohit kept me informed about every step he took to resolve the matter, assuring me that everything was being done within the bounds of law. He referred relevant sections like Section 53A of Transfer Of Property Act 1882 to explain the situation to us clearly and made sure we understood each step taken by him towards our victory.

    Rohit’s professional conduct was nothing short of exemplary as he invested time into thoroughly researching my case before presenting it in court. His attention to detail is commendable as he scrutinized every document required for due diligence without compromising on quality or accuracy.

    Rohit’s calm demeanor and clear communication skills efficiently resolved all disputes concerning my case among various parties involved while keeping their interests intact too. His vast experience in Civil Litigation played an integral role in ensuring that justice prevailed.

    In conclusion, I am extremely grateful for Rohit Patel’s excellence as a lawyer who helped me successfully overcome this difficult phase in my life. His professionalism combined with genuine empathy makes him a sought-after attorney trusted by NRIs seeking guidance on matters related to different types of law such as Matrimonial & Family Law or Taxation, amongst others mentioned above. Without hesitation or reservation, I would recommend him to anyone needing competent counsel regarding any legal issues they may have!

  2. I highly recommend Rohit Patel as a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. He assisted me with my property dispute which had been ongoing for years. Mr. Patel is exceptionally knowledgeable and proficient in his field of practice, especially when it comes to Indian Property Law (Transfer of Property Act, Section 53A) and Civil Litigation (Code of Civil Procedure, Section 9).

    From the moment I met him, I was impressed with his professionalism and dedication towards resolving my case efficiently. He conducted due diligence on every aspect of my case to ensure we had all necessary information before proceeding further.

    Mr. Patel keeps you updated throughout the process so that you understand the status of your case clearly; he also explains each step taken during various procedures in court or tribunal hearings.

    His legal expertise helped me immensely – he provided thorough advice on what documents were missing as well as how to proceed effectively by drafting proper agreements that would benefit both parties involved within legal boundaries.

    In conclusion, if anyone needs assistance from a qualified attorney in India pertaining to any matter relating to Cross-Border Family Law (Hindu Minority & Guardianship Act), Inheritance and Succession (Indian Succession Act), Taxation (Income Tax Act), Banking Laws (Reserve Bank of India Act) amongst others – then Rohit Patel is someone who can be trusted completely for their legal matters based on his vast knowledge while being approachable and friendly at the same time!

  3. I had the pleasure of working with Rohit Patel, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. I reached out to him when I needed assistance with property law regarding the acquisition of immovable properties in my home country. Mr. Patel was extremely knowledgeable about the relevant laws and sections, including title verification, due diligence, drafting of agreements, and property disputes.

    Not only did he provide me with comprehensive legal advice on these matters but also ensured that everything was done quickly and efficiently without any unnecessary delays or complications. His professionalism and attention to detail were truly impressive.

    What really stood out for me was his ability to navigate complex cross-border matrimonial and family law matters such as divorce, child custody, alimony, and maintenance. He provided expert guidance on inheritance and succession matters concerning wills, probate ensuring a smooth transition of assets among legal heirs resolving disputes amicably.

    Mr. Patel also represented us in civil litigation cases concerning contractual disputes enabling us to receive just compensation for our losses while providing comprehensive legal representation in courts under various sections such as 42/2C or 13(1) (D).

    In addition to his expertise in civil litigation cases, he helped us navigate through criminal charges which we faced due to circumstances beyond our control by defending our rights navigating complexities of Indian Criminal Law under sections 306/322 IPC & section 29 NDPS Act.

    Rohit’s assistance wasn’t limited only to civil or criminal litigations; he provided invaluable corporate counsel advising NRIs on business formation mergers acquisitions joint ventures commercial transactions upholding an ethical framework safeguarding NRI interests without compromising on regulatory compliance regardless of taxation regulations under GST Act or Companies Act 2013

    Throughout all aspects related services including banking finance investments asset management loan mortgages Intellectual Property Rights Copyright Patent Trademarks trade secrets etc., Mr. Patel always went above what was required handling every request promptly addressing each concern satisfactorily.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend Rohit Patel as an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who provides exceptional representation to NRIs in a broad range of legal matters. His passion for the law coupled with his dedication to providing excellent service is rare to find today. He truly goes above and beyond to help his clients in every way possible, ensuring that they receive the best possible outcome for their case.

  4. I recently had the pleasure of working with a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, who helped me with my legal matters related to property law. The lawyer I worked with was extremely knowledgeable and provided expert guidance on all aspects related to acquisition, sale, transfer, and management of immovable properties. He ensured that all title verifications were done thoroughly and due diligence was maintained throughout the process.

    He also helped me with drafting agreements and resolving property disputes Property Laws Act. His attention to detail was commendable as he kept me informed about every step taken towards resolving the issue.

    What impressed me most about this lawyer was his ability to communicate complex legal matters in simple terms which enabled clarity in understanding. Not only did he guide me through the entire process but also took care of all paperwork which saved my time and energy.

    I highly recommend this law firm for anyone seeking assistance from a competent professional who can provide comprehensive legal representation in courts and tribunals for any civil litigation matters under Civil Procedure Code or criminal offences under relevant sections of Indian Penal code. Their expertise extends beyond property law into various other areas such as matrimonial/family law, inheritance/succession etc.

    Overall I found their services incredibly valuable and would definitely work with them again if needed.

  5. I highly recommend Rohit Patel, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, for his exceptional legal services in the field of Property Law. As a Non Resident Indian (NRI), I was facing several issues related to my immovable property back home. Mr. Patel helped me navigate through the complexities of title verification, due diligence and drafting agreements for property transfer. He also provided excellent representation during a property dispute case.

    Mr. Patel’s expertise and knowledge are truly impressive, especially when it comes to the relevant laws and sections related to Property Law such as The Transfer of Property Act 1882 and The Registration Act 1908. His guidance was invaluable during the entire process – from acquisition to management of my property.

    What sets him apart is his ability to provide personalised attention and address all concerns efficiently while maintaining transparency throughout the process. I am grateful for his dedication towards ensuring fair justice, which was evident in his professional approach during court sessions.

    Based on my experience with Mr.Patel, I am confident that he extends this same level of professionalism across other areas such as Matrimonial and Family Law or Taxation-related matters that NRIs often face complications in resolving effectively.

    In summary, should you require assistance in any legal matter concerning NRI affairs within India; Rohit Patel is an excellent lawyer who brings remarkable competence,promptness & impartiality as well as experience across various fields mentioned by NRI Legal Services like Civil Litigation or Banking & Finance apart from Property Laws- This has been demonstrated time & again over two years where he had represented me effortlessly.I would definitely recommend him unreservedly

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