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NRI Litigation

We handle all sort of litigation of NRI in India at all levels. Litigation is our main prowess and the foremost practice area of our law firm.

NRI Property Issues

We specialize in property issues of NRI, whether they relate to estate planning, due diligence property litigation.

NRI Corporate Issues

We help NRI in their corporate issues of Bankruptcy & Insolvency, Debt Recovery and Reconstruction, and matters relating to DRT and NCLT.

How we work for you

We approach each NRI issue with urgency and understanding. With our experience and tailored approach, we resolve issues in a cost effective way. We consider it a professional honor to be entrusted with your business and personal matters.

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NRI Studio Legale is dedicated to providing superior representation with skilled and experienced NRI lawyers to either pursue your rights under the NRI laws or defend your interests as NRI.

Our attorneys are ready, willing, and able to provide you with the best representation possible. Should you retain NRI Studio Legale, you will receive immediate and timely communication of your file status and pending issues.

Going through the verdict

Once you retain NRI Studio Legale, you will receive our 100% commitment to cooperation, competency and caring representation. We will handle all aspects of the legal issue or court process while keeping your up to date and informed of the status and pending issues.

We will value your time and show the upmost courtesy and respect.

99 %

That’s our success rate in resolving NRI legal issues. We are not perfect but with experience and knowledge we are able to succeed where others have failed. This is the key reason of our high level of client retention. We are proud of the fact that we are hired and re-hired by our former clients and business strives because of their word of mouth.

Areas of expertise

We specialize in NRI legal issues and do not meander directionless in search of legal options when we are hired. We know what we do.

NRI Property Issues

like builder and developer issues, property frauds, title search, partition of property, estate planning, landlord-tenant disputes, transfer of property, real estate issues etc.

NRI Family Issues

NRI divorce, maintenance and alimony, NRI child custody, NRI family property, NRI matrimonial issues, section 498-A, dowry issues, cruelty and fraud marriages and the like

NRI Criminal Issues

NRI anticipatory bail, regular bail, quashing of FIR, proclaimed offender PO cases, criminal appeals and revisions of NRI, fake criminal cases against NRI by relatives, compromise based dismissal of cases.

NRI Financial Issues

NRI cases in Debt Recovery Tribunals (DRT) and National Company Law Tribunals (NCLT) and similar issues of NRI finance.

NRI Corporate Issues

NRI company formation, asset management, mergers and acquisitions, business relocation and transfers, international arbitration, international business transactions.

NRI Tax Issues

NRI double taxation avoidance, tax issues in regard to multiple jurisdictions, deemed residency, advance tax, long term capital gains, NRI remittances and outflows from India.


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We have associated with the best NRI lawyers to provide top notch NRI Legal Services to our NRI clients based outside India. Some of them are listed below.

  • Layla Montgomery
  • Ethen Frey
  • Jon Brennan
  • Braeden Pugh
  • Brandon Singh
  • Quinn Hanson
  • Moises Branch
  • Bernard Sexton
  • Kellen Mays
  • Eugene Beltran
  • Chaim Sweeney
  • Nash Haney
  • Leila Bell
  • Garrett Kelly
  • Mitchell Golden
  • Dereon Payne
  • Kayley Whitehead
  • Saige Patton
  • Rosemary Ford
  • Sydney Thompson
  • Mark Fowler
  • Carlos Mcbride
  • Carlee Benitez
  • Samara Adkins
  • Adrianna Mccullough
  • Danny Alexander
  • Tatiana Espinoza
  • Lillianna Richardson
  • Jocelynn Cuevas
  • Coby Wise
  • Dominick Clarke
  • German Odom
  • Trenton Jennings
  • Zachariah Waters
  • Grayson Sullivan
  • Dakota Leonard
  • Trevon Mack
  • Lyric Sexton
  • Jakayla Reese
  • Gideon Adams
  • Nolan Kennedy
  • Lilian Oconnor
  • Jesse Cooke
  • Demarion Chase
  • Myla Copeland
  • Lacey Walls
  • Marcus Barnett
  • Dorian Pollard
  • Karli Calderon
  • Luca Kirby