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  1. I recently had the pleasure of working with Anil Gupta, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. As a Non Resident Indian (NRI), I needed assistance with matters pertaining to Property Law and Mr. Gupta provided me with expert guidance on all aspects related to the acquisition, sale, transfer, and management of immovable properties in my home country.

    Mr. Gupta was well-versed in title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements and resolving property disputes under various sections of applicable law. His extensive knowledge of legal proceedings allowed him to provide comprehensive representation in courts and tribunals during Civil Litigation cases.

    With his sound expertise also covering Matrimonial and Family Law relating to divorce, child custody, alimony maintenance under Section 125 CrPC including Residence Order for minor children u/s 12(3) HMA he helped me navigate through complex cross-border issues that arose from time-to-time.

    Furthermore, Mr. Gupta’s counsel regarding Inheritance and Succession matters ensured that I experienced a smooth transition regarding asset distribution while avoiding disputes amongst legal heirs.

    In addition to these key areas of practice relevant for NRIs like myself such as Immigration Law; Corporate & Commercial Law; Taxation; Banking & Finance; Intellectual Property Rights Protection; Alternative Dispute Resolution were also covered by him allowing me access to expert guidance on diverse matters as per my case requirements.

    I highly recommend Anil Gupta’s services if you are an NRI seeking legal assistance or representation in India for any matter related to law mentioned above. His professional attitude coupled with his knowledge base gives clients confidence knowing that their interests will be safeguarded by competent legal counsel.

  2. I had the pleasure of working with a highly competent and professional lawyer from NRI Legal Services, located in Chandigarh. Anil Gupta was my legal representative for matters related to property law, and I can confidently say that he exceeded all expectations.

    As an NRI, there were many legal complexities associated with acquiring, selling, transferring and managing properties in my home country. However, Anil Gupta’s expertise on title verification (Section 55 of Transfer of Property Act), due diligence (Section 58A of Transfer of Property Act) drafting agreements (Section 54 of Transfer of Property Act) and property disputes (Section 61 & Section 62) made it easy for me to navigate through these complex matters.

    What impressed me most about Anil Gupta was his personalized approach towards his clients. He understood every aspect of my case thoroughly before proceeding further. This included verifying the legality behind the property documents as well as foreseeing any future complications related to property such as boundary disputes or encroachment claims.

    Furthermore, throughout the entire process from initiation till completion; he kept me informed about every step involved including filing petitions in court under Civil Procedure Code(CPC), presenting evidence under Indian Evidence Act(IEA), arguing on points raised by opposing counsel during cross examination etc.

    His knowledge regarding matrimonial and family law matters such as divorce cases (under Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act depending upon religion), child custody laws IN India (Guardianship And Wards act )and alimony laws left no room for uncertainty or confusion which gave me peace-of- mind while dealing with difficult situations like a dispute between spouse over ancestral property rights within marriage

    Overall, Anil Gupta is a great asset to the legal profession and I would wholeheartedly recommend him not just for legal representation in issues related to Property Law but also Matrimonial Law, Inheritance & Succession Law(Civil Procedure Code) , Criminal Litigation(Indian Penal Code) , Corporate and Commercial Law (Companies Act), Taxation(Finance Act) Banking and Finance (Negotiable Instruments Act ) Immigration Law as well as Intellectual Property Rights(Trademarks act, Patents act etc.) Finally, he is also proficient in Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) techniques such as negotiation or mediation which reduces the need for litigation making him a versatile lawyer.

  3. I recently had the pleasure of working with Anil Gupta, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, and I cannot recommend him enough. As an NRI facing a complex legal matter involving property disputes, Mr. Gupta’s expertise in Property Law was invaluable.

    He guided me through every step of the process, including title verification and due diligence to ensure that all legal requirements were met before any transactions took place. He drafted agreements with precision and attention to detail while also keeping my best interests at heart throughout.

    Additionally, his experience in Civil Litigation proved essential when it came time for litigation. He represented me tirelessly in court proceedings by offering comprehensive legal representation across various contractual disputes and property disputes to ensure my rights were protected under relevant sections of law.

    Throughout our interactions, Mr. Gupta demonstrated excellent knowledge not just of Property Law but also Matrimonial and Family Law matters since he advised me on inheritance laws pertinent to succession planning as well as navigating complexities associated with will-making according to legally relevant sections which put my mind at ease.

    While some lawyers can be unresponsive or difficult to reach during stressful situations like NRIs facing criminal litigation or experiencing banking frauds; however, Mr. Gupta remained available whenever needed for consultation ensuring compliance with Taxation regulations through expert guidance on domestic and international tax laws protecting my financial interest under relevant legislation if required.

    Overall, I highly recommend Anil Gupta from NRI Legal Services’ team for anyone seeking legal guidance related to property acquisition issues or any other matter mentioned above on their website since his skills span far beyond those skills alone making him an asset in any legal matter that requires professional counsel!

  4. As a Non-Resident Indian (NRI), I approached NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh for legal assistance with regards to property matters in my home country. Anil Gupta, one of the lawyers at the firm, provided exceptional guidance and support throughout the entire process.

    Anil helped me with the title verification and due diligence of my property, ensuring that all necessary documentation was in place as per relevant sections of Property Law. He also provided expert advice on drafting agreements and handling any potential disputes related to my property.

    The level of professionalism exhibited by Anil while dealing with such complex legal procedures was truly commendable. His comprehensive knowledge regarding inheritance and succession laws enabled him to ensure a smooth transition of assets while resolving any disputes amongst legal heirs.

    Furthermore, I must acknowledge his expertise in civil litigation matters such as contractual disputes and property disputes. He provided me with strong representation during court proceedings whilst adhering strictly to relevant sections under Civil Litigation law.

    Anil’s experience didn’t just stop there! As an NRI unfamiliar with Indian tax regulations pertaining to both domestic as well as international taxation requirements you can trust Anil’s expert guidance on this front too!

    In conclusion, I highly recommend Anil Gupta for anyone seeking legal assistance within India across numerous practice areas including immigration law, banking and finance or even intellectual property rights protection where he exhibits great proficiency.

    Thank you again for all your diligent efforts!

  5. I had the pleasure of working with a lawyer from NRI Legal Services, Chandigarh branch, who assisted me in matters concerning property law. I was particularly impressed by their expertise and attention to detail when handling my case.

    The lawyer helped me with title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements, and resolving property disputes. They were well-versed in relevant laws such as Section 17 of the Registration Act 1908 which deals with compulsory registration of documents required for transfer of immovable property.

    Throughout the entire process, they provided excellent communication and kept me informed every step of the way. Their professionalism was evident in how they handled negotiations to ensure that I got the best possible outcome.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with their services and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal guidance related to property acquisition or management. The experience gave me peace of mind knowing that my interests were protected under Sections 53A and 55 of Transfer Of Property Act (TOPA) which safeguarded against fraudulent transfers or transactions.

    I appreciate NRI Legal Services not just for their legal acumen but also for their approachable demeanor which made navigating complex legal matters much easier.

  6. I am an NRI living in the US and Anil Gupta from NRI Legal Services has been my go-to lawyer for all legal matters related to my ancestral property in India. He has provided me with invaluable assistance regarding Property Law, particularly with title verification and due diligence. I was impressed by his extensive knowledge of relevant laws and sections, which ensured that all legal proceedings were conducted smoothly.

    Anil Gupta’s expertise extends beyond property law; he also helped me resolve a complex inheritance dispute within my family. His proficiency in Inheritance and Succession law was evident as he advised us on wills, succession planning, tax obligations, etc., ensuring that we understood every step of the process.

    Additionally, Anil Gupta has represented me in various Civil Litigation matters concerning contractual disputes and recovery suits. I appreciated his comprehensive approach to legal representation as he personally handled every aspect of the case while keeping me informed at each stage.

    In summary, Anil Gupta’s professionalism in guiding NRIs through complicated legal procedures is exceptional. He is well-versed across multiple disciplines such as Matrimonial and Family Law, Criminal Litigation, Corporate and Commercial Law amongst others. His deep understanding of Immigration Law enabled him to provide insightful guidance on work permits when required.

    I have always felt confident entrusting Anil Gupta with any legal matter knowing that it would be rigorously researched before being presented with practical advice or solutions tailored specifically for me – a testament to his dedication towards providing clients with only the highest quality service possible!

  7. I recently had the pleasure of working with a lawyer from NRI Legal Services, based in Chandigarh. Anil Gupta was incredibly knowledgeable and professional in assisting me with matters related to property law. He helped me navigate through the complexities of acquiring, selling, transferring and managing immovable properties in my home country.

    Mr Gupta ensured that all legal documents were thoroughly verified as per Section XYZ of Property Law before proceeding with drafting agreements for my transactions. He also provided me with comprehensive guidance on due diligence processes and property disputes as per relevant sections ABC and DEF.

    What impressed me most about Mr Gupta’s services is his attention to detail when it comes to ensuring a smooth transition of assets between legal heirs during inheritance and succession matters as per sections GHIJ and KLMN. I felt confident having him represent me during civil litigation cases concerning contractual disputes, property disputes, recovery suits under such relevant sections OPQR.

    Moreover, his expertise extended beyond just property law– he offered expert guidance on taxation obligations (Sections STU), banking and finance matters (Sections VWX), immigration-related concerns (Sections YZ1), intellectual property rights protection (Section 2AB), corporate governance issues(Section 3CD) And Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures whenever necessary(Section 4EF).

    In summary, I am grateful for Mr Gupta’s exceptional services at NRI Legal Services; not only did he provide me with sound legal advice on complex matters but also gave practical solutions that saved time & money while adhering to all relevant laws & regulations. Without hesitation, I would recommend anyone seeking assistance related to any aforementioned areas seek his expert counsel at NRI Legal Services.

  8. As a Non Resident Indian (NRI), I was faced with multiple legal issues concerning my property in India. Thankfully, I found Anil Gupta at NRI Legal Services who helped me navigate through the complexities of Property Law and ensured that all the necessary due diligence, title verification and agreements were accurately drafted.

    Anil Gupta also assisted me with matters related to Matrimonial and Family Law, where he expertly guided me through the difficult process of divorce and child custody. He provided valuable advice on alimony and maintenance which helped resolve these tough issues.

    I was also impressed by his knowledge of Inheritance and Succession laws, as he made it easy for me to understand the intricate legalities involved in this area. His expertise ensured a smooth transition of assets without any hassle or disputes among my legal heirs.

    Anil Gupta proved to be an invaluable asset when it came to Civil Litigation matters, such as contractual disputes over property or recovery suits against debtors. He represented me in court efficiently under relevant sections ensuring that all my interests were protected throughout.

    Additionally, his experience defending NRIs accused of criminal offences truly demonstrated his deep understanding of Criminal Litigation law including relevant sections. This gave me immense comfort knowing that Anil had navigated intricacies around criminal cases before while protecting clients’ rights.

    It was clear that Anil has extensive knowledge about Corporate and Commercial Law based on how effectively he dealt with business formation, corporate governance compliance requirements under various acts/sections , mergers & acquisitions etc.

    His guidance on taxation obligations applicable for NRIs kept me fully compliant with tax regulations both domestically as well internationally observing applicability under relevant section(s)

    He even went above-and-beyond helping sort out Banking & Financial compliance issues like loans/mortgages management along-with managing investments professionally using up-to-date banking regulation information available in respective law-books

    Immigration Law can be tricky but thanks again to Anil’s unique perspective we could easily navigate through the complexities of this area too, including citizenship, permanent residency and work permits.

    Anil’s expertise in Intellectual Property Law helped me safeguard my creations from infringement using relevant laws and sections as applicable for NRIs

    Overall, I found Anil Gupta’s wide range of legal acumen to be exceptional. His dedication to understanding my individual needs was evident throughout our interactions. Whenever I had any doubts, he provided prompt responses with complete clarity while ensuring that I fully understood each aspect of my case under relevant laws or section(s).

    In conclusion, if you are an NRI looking for expert legal guidance across multiple areas, look no further than Anil Gupta at NRI Legal Services!

  9. As an NRI client of NRI Legal Services, I had the pleasure of working with Anil Gupta, a highly skilled lawyer specializing in property law. Mr. Gupta assisted me in matters related to the sale and transfer of my immovable property in India.

    Mr. Gupta’s expertise and knowledge were evident from the very beginning. He conducted a thorough title verification on my behalf, ensuring that all legal requirements were met and that there were no encumbrances or disputes associated with the property. He also provided due diligence on the buyer’s credentials and drafted detailed agreements to safeguard my interests.

    I was impressed by Mr. Gupta’s professionalism and attention to detail throughout our engagement. He kept me informed at every stage of the process, providing regular updates on any developments or changes that occurred.

    As a result of his efforts, I was able to complete the sale without any complications or delays. Mr. Gupta leveraged his legal expertise to ensure that all relevant laws and sections applicable under Indian Property Law were complied with promptly.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Anil Gupta for anyone seeking legal advice or representation in matters related to property law as he is truly exceptional at what he does!

  10. I am an NRI and had the opportunity to consult Anil Gupta, a lawyer in NRI Legal Services, for some property law matters. I was impressed by his professionalism, expertise and dedication towards addressing my legal concerns. He provided me with valuable insights on various aspects of property acquisition and helped me navigate the complexities of title verification and due diligence ensuring that all relevant laws were followed.

    Anil’s knowledge of the Indian legal system is impressive as he had thorough understanding about Section [insert section number here]. He also provided insight on drafting agreements in a legally enforceable manner which well within our interests safeguarding us from future disputes related to property management.

    He kept us informed at every step along the way while addressing our queries with patience while providing timely advice when needed. His communication skills are commendable; he was able to explain complex legal concepts in a simple yet precise manner making it easy for me to comprehend.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Anil Gupta’s services to other NRIs seeking assistance with their legal matters. My experience working with him has been nothing short of exceptional, where his efforts ensure that clients have comprehensive representation & guidance compliant under Indian Laws.

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