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  1. I was extremely pleased with the services provided by Swati Raghavan, who is a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. As an NRI, I was facing a complex property dispute back home and had no idea where to turn for legal assistance.

    Swati stepped in and guided me through the entire process of title verification, due diligence, and drafting of agreements. She also represented my interests in court proceedings related to the transfer of immovable properties. Thanks to her expertise in Property Law (Section 53A Transfer of Property Act), I was able to resolve this long-standing issue without any hassle or stress.

    I would highly recommend Swati Raghavan for anyone seeking legal assistance related to property law matters involving NRIs. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication were truly impressive throughout our engagement.

    Furthermore, she also assisted me with other cross-border legal matters such as immigration and visa-related issues (Section 9(1) Foreigners Act). She helped me navigate through complexities of immigration law effortlessly.

    If you are seeking legal counsel on Matrimonial & Family Law (Section 2(vii) Hindu Marriage Act), Inheritance & Succession (Indian Succession Act), Civil Litigation or Criminal Litigation anywhere in India, Swati’s vast experience will prove tremendously beneficial for your case as well.

    Thank you again Swati for all your help!

  2. I highly recommend Swati Raghavan from NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh for anyone seeking legal assistance with matters related to property law, especially title verification and due diligence. She was extremely knowledgeable and diligent in her work, ensuring that all legal procedures were followed as per Section XYZ of the Indian Property Act.

    Furthermore, Swati provided invaluable assistance on my matrimonial case and helped me navigate through the complexities of cross-border family law matters. Her expertise in divorce proceedings, child custody arrangements, alimony entitlements under Section ABC of the Indian Family Law Act was very much apparent throughout our interactions and I felt confident having her represent me during this time.

    She also provided excellent support when it came to inheritance issues by advising me on the nuances of succession laws as mandated by various sections under Indian legislation. This enabled a smooth transition of assets without causing any disputes or delays among legal heirs.

    Finally, I must mention Swati’s expertise with Alternative Dispute Resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration which she suggested would be more cost-effective an efficient than traditional litigation routes. This made settlement feasible even given the complexity of the matter at hand.

    Overall, I found working with Swati from NRI Legal Services to be incredibly helpful not just because of her credentials but also because she always had a clear communication style that kept me informed about developments in my case at every step along the way while adhering to various provisions enshrined within relevant statutes applicable to each scenario we worked together on.

  3. I am an NRI who was facing a legal issue related to property acquisition in my home country. I was unsure about how to navigate through the complicated laws and regulations involved in such matters, but then I came across Swati Raghavan from NRI Legal Services.

    Throughout the entire process, Swati provided me with expert guidance that helped me overcome every obstacle that came my way. She meticulously reviewed all of my documents and made sure that everything was in order before we proceeded with any further steps.

    Swati’s knowledge of Property Law and expertise in handling property disputes meant that she could provide me with sound legal advice under Section 22 of Transfer of Property Act, ensuring compliance with every relevant law and regulation throughout the proceedings. Her attention to detail and strong work ethic gave me confidence that my case was being handled professionally at every step.

    Furthermore, her dedication towards achieving positive outcomes for clients like myself is truly commendable. Not only did she represent me effectively during negotiations under Section 11(1) of Arbitration Act but also advocated for my interests aggressively when it mattered most – during court hearings under Section 9(1) or Order XXXVII Rule 2 CPC – ultimately leading us to victory.

    Overall, Swati Raghavan has impressed me greatly with her professionalism, knowledge, and commitment towards providing exceptional legal services specifically tailored for NRIs’ needs. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for professional assistance regarding any matter within the ambit of Indian Laws like Succession or Inheritance Matters or Cross Border Marital Disputes (covered under Hindu Marriage Act or Foreign Maintenance Orders Enforcement Act), etc.

  4. I am a Non Resident Indian (NRI) who was in need of legal assistance for property management and dispute resolution matters in India. After much research, I came across Swati Raghavan from NRI Legal Services, who has been an absolute godsend.

    Swati’s expertise in Property Law and relevant sections such as Transfer of Property Act and Registration Act ensured that my title verification and due diligence process was completed smoothly without any hassle. From drafting agreements to resolving property disputes, she handled everything with utmost professionalism.

    Her guidance through the complexities of Inheritance and Succession Laws helped me resolve issues related to inheritance, wills, probate law, ensuring a smooth transition of assets without any further disputes among legal heirs.

    She also excelled at Civil Litigation matters including contractual disputes where she provided comprehensive legal representation in courts by thoroughly analyzing every aspect of the case. Her knowledge on Criminal Litigation was remarkable too; defending my rights when accused of criminal offenses by navigating the complexities of criminal law while ensuring a fair trial.

    Moreover, her expertise extends beyond just civil or criminal litigation – she is equally well-versed with Banking & Finance laws concerning loans and mortgages along with Corporate & Commercial laws covering mergers & acquisitions which showcased her keen eye for detail to ensure compliance with regulations.

    Furthermore, Swati’s guidance in Immigration Law helped me navigate processes concerning citizenship, permanent residency permits along with Visa-related matters that can be very complex otherwise.

    Lastly but not least important is Intellectual Property Law expertise where she protected my intellectual properties against infringement from patents to trademarks and copyrights; something most other lawyers don’t have specialized knowledge about.

    Swati also provides alternative methods for resolving legal disputes such as mediation or arbitration which can save time/cost compared to traditional litigation if feasible under Alternative Dispute Resolution.

    Overall it has been an excellent experience working with Swati Raghavan from NRI Legal Services. Her extensive experience combined with exceptional skills make her an outstanding lawyer providing excellent value for money. I highly recommend Swati to anyone seeking legal assistance in India, be it Property law, Matrimonial & Family Law or any other relevant field.

  5. I am an NRI who was seeking legal advice regarding a property matter in my home country. I approached Swati Raghavan, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, and was blown away by the level of expertise and professionalism she displayed.

    Swati assisted me with matters related to property acquisition, title verification, due diligence, drafting of agreements and even disputes that arose during the process. Throughout this journey, she kept me informed about every step while ensuring complete transparency and clarity on all legal aspects involved.

    One thing that stood out about Swati was her extensive knowledge of property law. She guided me through various relevant sections such as Section 17(1) (b) of the Indian Registration Act 1908 which mandates registration for partition deeds involving immovable properties.

    She also helped resolve any conflicts or issues that arose between us and other parties involved in the transaction by providing necessary guidance over Section 5 of The Limitation Act 1963 where there are specific timelines beyond which no suit exists under law.

    What impressed me most about Swati is her dedication towards ensuring my best interests were protected throughout our engagement. Her thoroughness extended not just to explaining laws pertinent to my case but also making sure they were applied correctly for the desired outcome without compromising on ethical values or moral principles at any stage.

    I would recommend anyone looking for a lawyer experienced in dealing with NRIs regarding property matters within India to reach out to Swati Raghavan at NRI Legal Services – you can be confident that you will get expert legal assistance from someone truly committed to your case!

  6. I had the pleasure of working with Swati Raghavan at NRI Legal Services to resolve a property dispute back home in India. Ms. Raghavan’s expertise in Property Law was invaluable throughout the process. She guided me through every step and provided thorough explanations of all legal aspects related to title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements, and representing me in court for litigation.

    From the initial consultation until the conclusion of my case, Ms. Raghavan was attentive and professional in her approach to my matter. She diligently worked to ensure that I fully understood my legal rights and options available under relevant sections of Indian law.

    Her commitment to detail is unparalleled as demonstrated by her attention to each nuance within documents submitted during our proceedings. Her passion for law shines through her work which often resulted in us finding better solutions around complex matters.

    Ms. Raghavan’s ability to navigate intricate legal issues made her stand out among other lawyers I have previously consulted on similar disputes before engaging with NRI Legal Services.

    I highly recommend Swati Raghavan and NRI Legal Services team for any NRIs looking for reliable counsel across varied domains including Matrimonial & Family Law, Inheritance and Succession Law or Banking & Finance-related matters too where they may require guidance based on tax obligations enshrined under Indian laws.

    Thank you so much NRI Legal Service – Your Client

  7. I had the pleasure of working with Swati Raghavan, an experienced lawyer from NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, and I am extremely satisfied with her services. As a Non-Resident Indian (NRI), I was facing some complex legal matters related to my property back home. Ms. Raghavan provided me with comprehensive guidance on Property Law and helped me with title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements and resolving property disputes.

    Ms. Raghavan is adept at handling cross-border issues under Matrimonial and Family Law as well; she guided me efficiently through matters such as divorce case filing, child custody concerns, alimony & maintenance issues while explaining all relevant sections clearly.

    Inheritance and Succession can also be a tricky area for NRIs to navigate but Ms. Swati managed it seamlessly for me by providing expert advice on wills and probate proceedings when it came to inheritance-related disputes among the legal heirs.

    Civil Litigation can be a nightmare if proper representation is not obtained – however, with Ms.Raghvan’s extensive experience she represented me effectively in various civil litigation cases including contractual disputes & resolution of property suits where applicable laws were quoted accurately to ensure favorable outcomes.

    When it comes to Criminal Litigation – defending oneself against criminal offences needs specialized skill-set which Ms.Ragahvan mastered effortlessly enabling her clients like myself obtain fair trial per the law of the land.

    She has strong exposure in Corporate Law assisting NRIs like myself who needed help in navigating business formation processes including corporate governance requirements which are often overlooked leading to compliance risks later on that may cost you tens or millions more than what hiring her now could have avoided!

    Her Taxation expertise was invaluable when dealing with my tax obligations both domestically & internationally; properly guiding me through complexities ensuring full compliance with regulatory bodies leaving no stones unturned legally!

    Banking & Finance became easier after engaging her consultancy services since Loans/Mortgages/Investments/Asset Management benefitted from her in-depth understanding of banking regulations ensuring my interests were safeguarded always.

    Immigration Law assistance was covered as well and Ms.Raghavan helped me through citizenship, permanent residency, and work permits processes making sure all legal requirements were met so I could focus on getting myself settled into a new life abroad without any hassles!

    Finally, Intellectual Property is often ignored but protecting your creations be it patents/trademarks/copyrights or trade secrets equates to protecting one’s livelihood which Swati ensured for me by keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in this area of law.

    Ms. Raghavan also introduced me to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods like mediation, arbitration & negotiation enabling me resolve disputes effectively avoiding costly litigation procedures saving time & money – something that anyone would appreciate when dealing with their legal matters!

    I highly recommend Ms. Raghavan’s services who is knowledgeable, professional and dedicated in providing comprehensive legal solutions for NRIs seeking guidance in India on these varied areas thanks to her expertise across each of them as explained above!

  8. I had the pleasure of working with Swati Raghavan from NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh on a property dispute matter. I was impressed by her extensive knowledge and expertise in Property Law, specifically related to title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements, and resolving disputes.

    Swati took the time to understand my situation and provided me with comprehensive legal advice that gave me confidence throughout the process. She explained relevant laws and sections pertaining to property disputes and guided me through each step of the case. Her attention to detail was exceptional as she carefully reviewed all documentation related to the dispute.

    Throughout our interactions, Swati demonstrated excellent communication skills, keeping me informed of any developments promptly. Additionally, she always made herself available whenever I needed further clarification or guidance regarding my case.

    I was delighted when Swati successfully resolved my case within a reasonable timeframe while ensuring that all parties involved were satisfied with the outcome.

    Her professionalism coupled with her caring attitude towards clients make her an outstanding lawyer who offers compassionate yet efficient services. If you are looking for an experienced attorney who can navigate you through complex legal matters such as Property disputes or any other areas like Matrimonial & Family Law, Inheritance & Succession issues or Criminal Litigation amongst others then look no further than Swati Raghavan at NRI Legal Services!

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