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  1. I recently engaged the services of NRI Legal Services and had the pleasure of working with Vijay Singh, a lawyer who specializes in various legal matters related to NRIs. I was particularly impressed by his expertise and professionalism when it came to property law.

    Vijay Singh helped me with due diligence, title verification, drafting agreements and resolving disputes regarding my immovable properties in India. His extensive knowledge and experience in this area ensured that all necessary laws and regulations were adhered to throughout the process. He made sure that I fully understood all aspects of the transactions involved – from acquisition, transfer to management.

    Throughout our interactions, he was responsive to any queries or concerns I had about property laws. He explained every step of the legal process in layman’s terms so that I could understand it better.

    Moreover, Mr. Vijay’s attention to detail is commendable as he closely scrutinized all documents involved during transactions which instilled confidence in me for making decisions while investing money on real estate properties like Section 3(54) Transfer Act 1882 & Section 53A Transfer Of Property Act 1882 etc.

    Overall, Vijay Singh’s services were outstanding! He exceeded my expectations as a client dealing with an overseas issue involving property sale/purchase/management while maintaining communication regularly over emails calls zoom meeting as per mutual convenience between different time zones like me in Canada & him based out of Chandigarh (India).

    Without hesitation, I would recommend anyone needing assistance with property law matters either within or outside India should approach NRI Legal Services team for reliable solutions under guidance from lawyers like Vijay Singh who has compassion towards clients need , vast experience on Indian Law alongwith up-to-date understanding on latest amendments passed around relevant sections be it Transfer Of Property Act 1882 section mentioned above or others.

    Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the reviewer(s) based on their personal experiences working at NRI Legal Services and do not necessarily reflect the views of the company or its employees.

  2. I had the pleasure of working with Vijay Singh, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh. I was facing a complex property dispute and Mr. Singh’s expertise and professionalism were invaluable in resolving the matter.

    He demonstrated an excellent understanding of the relevant property laws and sections, conducting thorough due diligence to verify titles and drafting agreements that protected my interests. He also represented me effectively in court proceedings, providing comprehensive legal representation that resulted in a favorable outcome.

    What impressed me most about Mr. Singh was his commitment to ensuring my rights were protected at every step of the process. He took time to explain each step clearly and succinctly, helping me navigate what would otherwise have been a confusing and stressful situation.

    In addition to his experience with property law, Mr. Singh excelled in other areas such as matrimonial law where he guided NRIs through complex cross-border issues related to divorce, child custody, alimony, maintenance etc., inheritance & succession-related matters such as wills probate etc., corporate & commercial law including mergers & acquisitions joint ventures among others which helped many NRIs like myself achieve success with our businesses overseas.

    I highly recommend Vijay Singh for any legal matters concerning NRIs. His professionalism combined with his expertise and client-focused approach make him an exceptional lawyer who consistently provides outstanding service to clients seeking help regarding civil or criminal litigation cases among various others mentioned above.

  3. I had the pleasure of working with Vijay Singh, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, who assisted me with matters related to property law. I was impressed by his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the relevant laws and sections pertaining to title verification, due diligence, drafting agreements and resolving property disputes.

    Vijay provided me with valuable guidance throughout the acquisition process, ensuring that all necessary legal formalities were completed correctly. He also expertly navigated through various challenges that arose during transfer and management of my immovable properties in India.

    What stood out most for me was Vijay’s professionalism, responsiveness, and exceptional attention to detail. His quick response time ensured that all my concerns were addressed promptly. He explained complex legal concepts in simple language so that even someone like myself could understand it easily.

    Overall I found Vijay to be an excellent lawyer who is highly dedicated towards securing the best possible outcome for his clients. Thanks to him my dealings within India went smoothly without any hassles or setbacks.

    I would highly recommend anyone seeking legal assistance on property law matters should consider enlisting Vijay’s services at NRI Legal Services for clear-minded thinking backed up by solid knowledge of law & section when addressing any issues related to Indian Real Estate market.

  4. As a Non Resident Indian, I was in dire need of legal assistance in matters related to property acquisition and management. Fortunately, I got connected with Vijay Singh from NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh who provided me with comprehensive guidance on title verification, due diligence and drafting of agreements.

    He helped me navigate through the complexities of property disputes and ensured that my interests were safeguarded throughout the process. Mr. Singh’s expertise in Property Law under Section 13A (2) was commendable as he provided timely solutions to all my queries and concerns pertaining to land ownership rights.

    In addition to this, his vast knowledge on Matrimonial & Family Law under Chapter IX A gave me a clear understanding of cross-border matrimonial law matters like divorce settlements, alimony and maintenance while adhering to International Family Law Conventions.

    Furthermore, his proficiency in Inheritance & Succession Laws came handy when I needed advice on succession planning and probate cases under Section 57(1). He made sure that all legal heirs agreed upon a smooth transition plan for assets ensuring no dispute arose among them.

    Mr. Singh’s representation as a lawyer during Civil Litigation processes including contractual disputes regarding breach of contract or disputed/defective property acquisitions was impeccable. His command over Criminal Litigation procedures such as bail application proceedings under Section 437 guided me through my eligibility for release from custody without any delay or interruption guaranteeing fair trial proceedings throughout the entire process.

    His assistance with Corporate & Commercial Laws covering Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Joint Ventures along with Contract negotiations reduced the transaction risks associated with corporate governance structures making it easy for foreign investors like myself understanding domestic regulations under Companies Act of 2013.

    Lastly, Mr.Singh’s tax-related guidance enabling compliance with both domestic income tax laws alongwith provisions concerning Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) proved beneficial when filing tax returns using Income Tax Returns Application Software (ITR). Moreover, his knowledge in Immigration Laws helped me comprehend Permanent Residency requirements under Section 6(1) of the Citizenship Act and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Registration process with ease.

    Overall, Mr. Vijay Singh’s professionalism and expertise across a wide range of legal practices have proven to be immensely helpful to an NRI like myself. I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking legal aid in India from abroad or otherwise.

  5. I am an NRI residing in the United States and had been facing a lot of legal issues related to my properties back in India. I was searching for a competent lawyer who could assist me with property law matters, including title verification, due diligence, drafting of agreements, and property disputes. This is when I came across Vijay Singh from NRI Legal Services based out of Chandigarh.

    I must say that Mr. Singh’s services have been exceptional right from my first interaction with him. He specializes in Property Law (mention relevant section), and his knowledge on this subject is impeccable (mention specific example or incident). He has helped me secure all the necessary documents for verifying the titles of my ancestral properties back home and assisted me during the sale transaction process as well. Moreover, he has also helped me resolve some long-standing property disputes (mention case details or outcome) through mediation without having to go through lengthy court proceedings.

    Apart from Property Law, Mr. Singh has also assisted me with Immigration Law matters such as visa-related issues as well as Corporate and Commercial Law matters like business formation (mention specific examples if any).

    What sets him apart from other lawyers is his attention to detail; he makes sure that everything is done legally correct within the bounds of relevant laws and sections applicable to each case (if possible mention specific section or act name). His sound knowledge on various aspects enables him to provide comprehensive legal representation in courts or tribunals effectively.

    Lastly, he definitely understands NRIs’ concerns regarding legal affairs related to their assets back home better than anyone else we can think of at present, which again adds another feather in his cap!

    Overall I would highly recommend Vijay Singh’s services; if you are looking for reliable and trustworthy legal advice or representation concerning different areas such as Matrimonial & Family Law(adding few incidents), Inheritance & Succession Laws( adding few cases handled by him), Banking & Finance Laws, Intellectual Property Laws (mentioning any specific case or incident), etc., Mr. Singh’s expertise in these areas would prove to be invaluable!

  6. I was referred to Vijay Singh, from NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh due to a complex property dispute. Mr. Singh demonstrated an exceptional level of knowledge and expertise in property law pertaining to the specific sections that were applicable in my case. He took the time to carefully understand the nuances of my situation and explain each step of the legal process.

    Throughout the litigation process, he kept me informed on every development and made sure I understood all legal options available before making any crucial decisions. His guidance enabled me to make informed choices that ultimately resulted in a favorable outcome for my case.

    In addition, Mr. Singh’s work ethic and professionalism greatly impressed me. He went above and beyond what was required by taking proactive steps towards resolving certain issues that would have otherwise lengthened proceedings unnecessarily.

    I cannot recommend Vijay Singh highly enough for his expert handling of complex property disputes or any other legal matter such as matrimonial law or inheritance cases based on relevant sections including but not limited to Section 13B of Hindu Marriage Act (Divorce), Section 125 CrPC (Maintenance), or Sections 2(h) & (i) of The Indian Succession Act (Will).

    Overall, it has been an absolute pleasure working with him at NRI Legal Services and I am grateful for his unwavering support during this challenging time.

  7. I would like to share my experience with NRI Legal Services and their lawyer, Vijay Singh. As an NRI dealing with property matters in India, I was faced with numerous legal complexities and challenges that left me feeling overwhelmed and helpless. However, upon hiring Mr. Singh as my legal representative, I experienced a sense of relief knowing that I had someone competent working on my behalf.

    Mr. Singh’s extensive knowledge of Property Law (mention relevant sections), allowed him to guide me through the entire process with ease – from title verification to drafting agreements and resolving property disputes (mention relevant cases). He was always available for consultation whenever required and kept me well-informed throughout the proceedings.

    Additionally, his expertise in Matrimonial and Family Law (mention relevant sections) ensured a smooth transition through a complicated divorce case involving cross-border issues such as child custody. His attention to detail in matters related to Inheritance and Succession (mention relevant cases) helped resolve ongoing family disputes concerning wills.

    In civil litigation (mention relevant courts/tribunals), Mr. Singh provided comprehensive representation in contractual disputes while ensuring proper adherence to legal regulations. Similarly, he navigated criminal law complexities professionally while defending NRIs accused of criminal offenses.

    Furthermore, his knowledge extended beyond individual clients; he assisted businesses formation under Corporate & Commercial Law (mention relevant cases/laws), provided expert guidance on taxation obligations helping navigate domestic/international tax laws (relevant sections/cases).

    Overall, Mr. Vijay Singh is one of the most knowledgeable attorneys at NRI Legal Services who helped me solve complex issues efficiently thanks to his understanding across diverse practices – banking & finance law ((relevant cases)), IP protection ((relevant laws)) amongst others along with providing alternatives for dispute resolution(mediation/arbitration/negotiation)(relevant cases)

    I highly recommend NRI Legal Services specifically crediting their attorney Vijay Singh for all NRIs looking for seamless solutions regarding any kind of legal aid, with his vast knowledge of law and cross-border experience.

  8. I recently had the pleasure of working with Vijay Singh from NRI Legal Services on a property law matter related to my immovable properties in India. I must say that from the start of our engagement, Mr. Singh was highly professional, knowledgeable and provided expert guidance throughout the entire process.

    As an NRI, it can be quite challenging to navigate the complex legal landscape in India, especially when it comes to acquiring or disposing of property. However, Mr. Singh’s expertise in this area was evident as he took great care in verifying titles and conducting due diligence on all aspects related to my property transaction.

    Moreover, his proficiency in drafting agreements ensured that all parties involved were protected while minimizing any potential for future conflicts or disputes. And when a dispute did arise over one of the clauses mentioned in the agreement which both parties had agreed upon previously during negotiations- Mr. Singh handled it efficiently by citing relevant sections under Property Law.

    Throughout this process – whether dealing with opposing counsel or explaining complicated legal concepts to me- he keenly understood how important it was for me as an NRI client to have clear communication and transparency at every step of the way.

    In addition to his exceptional work on my case, I understand that Mr. Singh specializes not only in Property Law but also Matrimonial & Family Law – so I would highly recommend him if you are facing any cross-border matrimonial or family issues as well.

    Overall,I am very grateful for his help and assistance during such a stressful event like transfering ownership rights ,and will certainly rely on him again should I require any legal advice or representation concerning matters pertaining Civil Litigation,Taxation,Banking&Finance etc where i would need someone specialized like him who has relevant experience matched alongwith updated knowledge about Indian laws .

  9. I am a Non Resident Indian who needed help navigating the complexities of property law in my home country. I found Vijay Singh from NRI Legal Services, and he proved to be an invaluable asset to me throughout the process.

    Vijay helped me with title verification and due diligence, ensuring that all documents were in order before I acquired the property. He also drafted agreements that protected my interests and addressed any potential disputes that might arise in the future.

    When I faced a property dispute, Vijay was there every step of the way, providing comprehensive legal representation in court. His knowledge of relevant laws and sections was impressive, and he always kept me informed about my options and possible outcomes.

    What impressed me most about Vijay was how responsive he was to my needs as an NRI. Being abroad can make it difficult to stay on top of legal matters back home, but Vijay made himself available via phone or email whenever I had questions or concerns.

    Overall, working with Vijay at NRI Legal Services made what could have been a very stressful situation much more manageable. If you’re looking for a lawyer who can assist with property law or any other legal matter related to NRIs’ rights or interests in India, I highly recommend him!

  10. I had the pleasure of working with Vijay Singh, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, who helped me navigate through some complex legal matters related to property acquisition and management in India. His extensive knowledge of Property Law under relevant sections of the Indian law and his keen attention to detail truly set him apart from other lawyers I have worked with in the past.

    Vijay was incredibly thorough in verifying titles and conducting due diligence before drafting any agreements or contracts related to my property transactions. He took great care in ensuring that all necessary legal provisions were included and explained their significance to me in a clear and concise manner.

    Moreover, when disputes arose between myself and other parties regarding my properties, Vijay provided effective representation for me during Civil Litigation proceedings under relevant sections of Indian laws. His expertise allowed us to achieve a successful resolution quickly without unnecessary delays or expenses.

    Throughout my time working with Vijay, he remained communicative and responsive whenever I had questions or concerns about my case. He always kept me informed on its progress which made things much easier for me as an NRI residing overseas.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend Vijay Singh not only for his excellence as a legal advisor but also because of his professionalism throughout our interactions together. The service I received from him was top-notch across all areas such as Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism while citing relevant laws where required; he demonstrated exceptional competence during each step of the process which gave me complete confidence that everything was being handled properly.

  11. I had the pleasure of working with Vijay Singh, a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, who helped me with an inheritance and succession matter. Mr. Singh was incredibly knowledgeable about the relevant laws and sections pertaining to my case, including Section 30 of the Indian Succession Act.

    Throughout the process, Mr. Singh remained committed to ensuring a smooth transition of assets and resolution of disputes among legal heirs. He provided expert guidance on matters concerning wills and probate, which gave me peace of mind knowing that everything would be handled properly.

    What I appreciated most about working with Mr. Singh was his dedication to his clients. He always made sure that I understood every step of the process and answered all my questions promptly.

    His attention to detail is unparalleled; he took great care in verifying titles, conducting due diligence, drafting agreements and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Additionally, he worked tirelessly during mediation sessions to ensure a fair outcome for all parties involved.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the services offered by NRI Legal Services under Mr.Singh’s leadership and expertise in matters related to inheritance and succession law for NRIs.It is because of their diligent work that they have built such a positive reputation within this field across India.Their highly skilled team has taken care of every aspect related to my case from start till end professionally.I recommend their services without hesitation!

  12. I had the pleasure of working with a lawyer at NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh, who assisted me with my property dispute issue. I was impressed with his extensive knowledge of Property Law and his ability to guide me through all the legal intricacies involved.

    He started by verifying the title and conducting due diligence on the property in question. He then drafted agreements that were clear, concise, and legally binding while also ensuring that my interests were protected under relevant sections of Property Law.

    Throughout the process, he kept me informed about every step and provided sound advice on how to proceed. Thanks to his efforts, we were able to resolve the dispute amicably outside of court.

    His professionalism and dedication to providing comprehensive legal representation are commendable. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking assistance with any aspect related to Property Law or other areas such as Matrimonial and Family Law, Inheritance and Succession, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation Corporate and Commercial Law Taxation Banking and Finance Immigration law Intellectual Property Law Alternative Dispute Resolution.

    Overall my experience working with him was fantastic thanks again for your help!

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